New salon opens to treat only lice

Head lice treatments
Source: WMBF News Reporter Alex Holley
Source: WMBF News Reporter Alex Holley

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Lice. Nobody likes to talk about it, but it's a problem we're all familiar with, and have been dealing with for years.

Lice has always been hard to track, but the latest numbers show six to 12 million people get the pesky bugs every single year.

Many experts recommend using certain medicated shampoos when your child gets head lice, but the problem is, it's often not enough. Now one local woman hopes the Coastal Lice Center will be.

Catherine Collins has opened up the full-time salon solely devoted to treating lice.

If I had known there were places like this around, I would have used their services," said Collins. She says she knows first hand how hard it is to battle with the bugs. "It just disrupts your family," Collins explains.;

She's had two children deal with the itch, and her daughter Eileen has had it twice.

"The first time I got it we started looking through it really late at night," remembered Eileen. "And we finished at like 1 o'clock in the morning."

"Because it's such a hard process," explained Collins. "Going to the store, buying the pesticide, and going through the hair with literally a fine tooth comb."

Tammy Trulove, the Health and Safety Services Director with the Horry County School District, says it's a process many parents don't completely meet head on.

"It's very important that you complete the treatment," said Trulove. "It's very important that you follow up with the treatment. Its very important that you treat all other members of the family."

Especially because the bug can be more than a nuisance.

Eileen described the feeling, "It would start itching here at one point then over here. and it would be like throughout the day."

If untreated, the symptoms only get worse.

"In some cases,...even small teeny tiny infections on their scalp from them being open and them scratching so much," explained Trulove.

Collins hopes this center will be a new solution, to a very old problem.

"They found lice combs in Egyptian tombs. And Cleopatra had a gold lice comb so it's just something that's been with us for a long time and I personally don't see it going away anytime soon."

You might consider a full time salon for lice as something odd but there are also lice treatment centers in Columbia, Charleston, and even Charlotte.

Business owners say they can have a large clientele, since anyone can get lice at any age and any time.

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