Conway to attract visitors with free Wi-Fi downtown

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The City of Conway has put a significant amount of effort into bringing more people into downtown, and their latest move is the bring them to the riverfront area.

One way they're trying to attract visitors - free Wi-Fi - a new feature the city hopes will encourage visitors to stop by. And if this feature is well-received, it may spread to other parts of downtown Conway.

This comes at a time when there is already a big focus downtown, and businesses say efforts like this help them get noticed.

"There's a lot to offer of things you can do in Conway here", said Kenneth Gregory, who work at a business near Riverfront Park. "As much as you can do at the beach. This gives us a chance in Conway, you know."

But this certainly isn't the only effort to get more people in Conway. WMBF News has just learned the downtown Conway and hotel study is now finished and ready to report if a hotel will be a good move for the city. The results will do more than just say yes or no, it will specify what type of hotel will work and what steps will improve the downtown area.

Conway Mayor Lawson says the city is interested in a smaller version of a known hotel chain, so it can be a name people recognize. People who live in Conway say they hope this survey will show a hotel is needed for the area.

"It oughta be because there are a lot of small ones around", said John Larry Canada, who lives in Conway. "So there should be one downtown. And down on the waterfront because the Riverfront is the hub of Conway."

Mayor Lawson says the city expects to hear the results next week. After the city learns more from the presentation, there will be more meetings to discuss how to bring the hotel to Conway and exactly where.

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