Cowork space helps upstarts, entrepreneurs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The tourism and hospitality industries are the backbone of the Grand Strand, and while they bring in a lot of revenue, they don't leave much room for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Now, one group in Myrtle Beach has an office space for just that group.

"It's a community-based venue," said Meagan Nowacoski, a CCU student who utilizes Cowork MYR, a common workspace for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people trying to create their own start-ups.

"Everyone's got something different to bring to the table," Nowacoski said.

Cowork MYR is the result of a two-year project to create a space for people who need meeting space or an area to work, but can't realistically afford an entire office. It includes a lounge area, desk space, and meeting areas. But, the area also utilizes social media and new technology so customers in the office can connect with one another.

"Everybody checks in when they come into the space," said Cowork MYR co-founder Paul Reynolds. "That's how we get people to meet and find out what they do."

Cowork spaces are finding success in other parts of the country, but the one in Myrtle Beach is one of the first in the Southeast. Reynolds says they've had several visits from investors and businesses in other cities, hearing about the workspace in Myrtle Beach.

"We've had several visits from people in Charleston," Reynolds said. "They say they're jealous of what we have here, which is a nice difference from what we're used to."

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