College student wins lottery, craves pizza and hot wings

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - A college student in the Georgetown area lost his appetite waiting to claim his lottery winnings, and now with the dough in his hands, he's craving some real scrumptious food.

The student picked up his winning ticket at the Georgetown Ice Company on North Fraser St. in Georgetown while filling up his car with gas. The first thing he did was call his parents, right there from his car at the gas station.

Beating the one in 624,000 odds on the Green and Gold scratch-off ticket, he's walking away with a sweet $200,000.

"We didn't believe him," said his dad who was in the yard with his wife when their son called. "I reached over and pulled a weed out of the flower bed and then went for a walk up the street thinking he was kidding."

"I told him to come home," said his mother. When the winner got home with the ticket and couldn't speak, his parent's knew he was telling the truth.

The family went out to eat to celebrate, but the winner wasn't wolfing down his plate. He actually went two days without eating. He enjoyed his first meal after cashing in the ticket, and it was a fine display of pizza and hot wings.

"That's been his favorite since he was a little kid," said his dad. "I hope he's hungry."

For selling the claimed ticket, Georgetown Ice Company receives a commission of $2,000.

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