Georgetown teen tazed at school by SRO

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - An 18-year-old student at Georgetown High School was tazed by his school's resource officer, and the boy's mother and the school district are at odds over the reason why.

Natalie Lambert's son was a junior at Georgetown High School, and has several scars on his back as a reminder of the incident on Sept. 18.

The series of events, as stated in the police report, show Devonte Treyshawn "Trey" Lambert was escorted to the SRO's office at the request of the school's principal for being defiant and "failing to follow his instructions."  Lambert said it all started after GHS Principal Craig Evans asked to see his student identification while Lambert was walking down the hallway.

"I was walking down the hall and there is Mr. Evans and he says to me, Devonte where's your ID? So I'm walking down the hall and I'm taking my ID out and I say, 'it's right here'," Lambert said.

Inside the SRO's office, the report states the teen was continuously hostile and swearing. He was asked to stop using profanity, to which he responded, "He didn't care…he wasn't talking to me."

While the SRO attempted to arrest Lambert for disturbing school, the report states Lambert put his arm up, and a fight ensued.

"He started slamming me around the room, I did not get violent with him one time," Lambert said.

That's when the SRO grabbed his stun gun and used it on Lambert to regain control of the situation.

Lambert was then placed in handcuffs and transported to the Georgetown County Detention Center.

Captain Nelson Brown with Georgetown City Police said this is an unfortunate situation but the student was not complying and was resisting arrest. Brown said the student was tazed, but police did not shoot him with the gun. Brown said SRO Burroughs probed it against his skin.

"I kept on feeling the tazer going in. like he was hitting me in my back with it and I could feel something stuck in my back," Lambert said.

Captain Brown adds that once the teen was subdued, the SRO learned that Lambert had a bottle of pepper spray in his pocket.

The Georgetown County School District released this statement about the incident:

The District has reviewed the actions taken by Georgetown High School and determined that the matter was handled appropriately in accordance with District policy and in keeping with the role and responsibilities of School Resource Officers. The District will continue to work cooperatively with law enforcement in order to make our campuses safe and secure for all students and staff.

Though the actions of the SRO were legal, the teen's mom believes the incident has a lot to do with her son's sexual preference, citing the ridicule from others just because her son is gay.

"I think the school needs to go under investigation. I think they need to get someone in there so that these people aren't abusing their authority," Natalie Lambert said, "that's not a reason to taze a child. Especially a hundred pound special needs child at that. Now I'm sorry but even being a woman of my size, I could've taken Trey down."

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