Election protest by former Atlantic Beach mayor dismissed

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) - An Horry County judge has dismissed former mayor of Atlantic Beach Retha Pierce's protest of results from the special election held in May.

The hearing to protest the results was originally postponed.

A secretary in Judge Hyman's office confirms that the case brought by former mayor Retha Pierce was dismissed Wednesday morning.

Windy Price, another candidate for mayor in that special election held during Atlantic Beach Bike Fest, also filed a appeal in a motion for a hearing and appeal of the results.

The appeal (Windy Price v. Horry County Election Commission, South Carolina Election Commission, Jake Evans, Josephine Isom and Charlene Taylor) requests a non-jury trial in the Municipal Court of Appeals.

Price's argument cites SC 7-13-1170, saying Governor Haley facilitated a scheme with election officials in Horry County and South Carolina to "remove the Atlantic Beach Municipal Election Commission as the presiding authority of the Atlantic Beach town council election."

Price also alleged that the executive order from Nikki Haley, mandating this election on May 22, was based on fraudulent information violating state laws and allowing for increased voter intimidation, confusion and ballot secrecy.

The appeal also states the Horry County and South Carolina Election Commission do not have the authority to conduct a town council election in Atlantic Beach, according to Price, and there is "insufficient evidence in the record to uphold the decision."

Price's appeal contains 26 pages of evidence to support those claims. Stick with WMBF News for more details on this appeal as they become available.

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