Lead DHEC Inspector breaks down Restaurant Scorecard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) According to a sign posted outside of Chesapeake House, they've been voted number one for best seafood. An inspector with Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) gave Chesapeake's kitchen an 'A' rating.

After a routine inspection, DHEC cited the restaurant with one critical violation. The report shows the restaurant was not following the proper procedure for cleaning dishes and counters

According to Marcus Clark, a lead inspector with DHEC, the three steps are to wash, rinse and sanitize.

"So if they are skipping a step in there, it's a violation. It's a critical violation, because you've got to hit that sanitize step and you've got to do all three steps," says Clark.

The report goes on to show Chesapeake was cited for 5 other violations; one of those violations, not properly thawing food. This is a consecutive violation, which means the last time a DHEC inspector paid them a visit, they were cited for the same thing.

According to Clark, there are four methods for thawing approved by DHEC and thawing food any other way could be harmful.

"Since it was written last time, this is a consecutive violation. We set a date to go back to make sure they are doing what they need to do," explained Clark.

The report also shows the inspector found the cleaning water was below the required temperature of 140 degrees.

"You need to have hot enough water to be able to cut the grease and to be able to clean properly," Clark pointed out.

The DHEC report shows the inspector gave Chesapeake House a score of 88. A manager for the restaurant was not available for comment.

A DHEC inspector also dropped in at Travinia in the Market Common. The Italian eatery scored a 95 which is an 'A' rating. The report shows they were cited for five violations and the inspector has asked them to clean up a few things in the kitchen. Some of these areas include cleaning the outside of storage bins,  the walls in the dish area, and the floors under equipment.

Clark says it's important even the nooks and crannies stay clean to eliminate the access of food to rodents and bugs and for the  prevention of growth of bacteria.

Travinia's Kitchen manager, Wesley Mcgahee, says they take the inspection very seriously.

"We're following up on anything she catches," says Mcgahee. He says it's his dedicated staff that keeps the kitchen up to par.

"We have an open kitchen, so when guests come in, they can see the kitchen. If anyone were to walk in here, we'd want them to be like 'wow this is a really clean kitchen.'"

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