Cool Schools: Socastee High School

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) From hitting the catwalk, to making things explode, the students at Socastee High School are doing cool things in the classroom and learning at the same time.

Outside the halls of Socastee High School, students get ready for another adventure in Mr. French's class. But this class has nothing to do with his name.

"This class is awesome compared to the other classes," said student Joe Smolenski. "The other classes you sit there but you don't get to move around or anything. You get to be up moving around."

"This isn't anything like normal science classes", said student Ashley Schildkraut. That's because the students in this class don't do normal science experiments.

Friday, they put on their glasses, rolled out their duct tape, and got ready for a blast off. Welcome to the Mythbusters class, where students take science to another level. A spin-off of the popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, students take the common myths we've all come to know and take them to another level.

"I wanted them to be able to look at things and if it sounds too good to be true it might be," said teacher Mr. French. "Let's figure out how to test it and see if we can get taken for a ride."

Friday, students are riding on the explosive combination of throwing Mentos into a bottle of coke to see how far it will take them.

"The experiments are not just like chemicals or anything, it's stuff you actually have to trial many times", said Schildkraut. And although the wheels may not have taken them as far as they would have liked, there's still a lesson learned at the end of the ride.

"Basically what's happening here is they're learning science- I'm tricking them into learning science", said Mr. French.

Inside Socastee High School, there's a point in the day where the cafeteria turns into a catwalk. These students take Ms. Blackmon's fashion one to get a little fashion 101.

"We learned a lot about fashion history," said Kristen Willess. "What goes into fashion merchandising, and not just doing a fashion show but actually producing a fashion show." The class allows students to put their hands and feet into everything.

When the big day comes, the community comes together. Dillard's provided the fashion, and the Myrtle Beach Convention Center set up the runway. The Horry Georgetown Technical College Cosmetology Department helped the students to pull out the hairspray, put on the lip gloss and makeup, and take center stage. And while it may be a little chaotic behind the scenes, the class showcased their hard work under the bright lights.

"I tell them if they can do this, get up and perform in front of their peers, then they can do anything in life," said teacher Ms. Blackmon. "Because performing in front of your peers is difficult. So we talk self confidence." The Socastee High School students are talking the talk, and walking the walk.

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