Little River community taking action after home break-ins

Published: Jan. 3, 2012 at 10:40 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 4, 2012 at 2:06 AM EST
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LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF)- Neighbors in the Waterfall Community in Little River tell WMBF News they are taking action to protect their homes after three home invasions.

Rebecca Hogg said her home was the first to be robbed in what she is calling a string of recent break-ins.

Hogg said, "To think someone felt entitled to walk in my home and take things, that feeling I don't think we will ever get over. I've had very few good night's sleep since then."

Hogg added that about $20,000 worth of valuables was stolen from her home back in October, including two big screen TV's, a desktop computer, two laptops, an iPad, and a Kindle.

Hogg said some things cannot be replaced, including her husband's antique violin.  "My fireproof document box, all my identification, birth certificate, social security card, copies of my will so I had to put identity theft alerts on all my credit reports."

Hogg said she, along with other residents, are taking steps to protect their homes. Hogg stated, "We are going to catch them. A number have added security systems with cameras. We have one on order for our home."

Some are investing in technology to stay safe. Waterfall resident Cora Badagliacca said, "Many in here have systems that will alert if someone coming up the driveway the cameras are activated. It's all part of new technology."

Others are adding glass breaking sensors and some are even taking up guns. Hogg said, "I am going to get a gun and get a concealed weapons permit. It's sad that you have to be armed in the house. It's sad that it's coming to that, but we are not going to let this happen again."

Horry County Police say the case is at a standstill and they are waiting for any leads.

WMBF News spoke with Waterfall POA President Sherie Trout who said the gates to the community are closed in the evenings, but it is not the POA's decision to close the gates all the time. It would be the builder's decision if they chose that the gates should remain closed at all times.

The Waterfall POA does have a list of programs and initiatives aimed at keeping the Waterfall neighborhood safe and secure, such as vehicle identification and a strong neighborhood Watch Light program designed by Horry County Police.

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