KY HOA forces family to remove boy's therapy house

LEXINGTON, KY (NBC) A custom-made playhouse for a young boy with cerebral palsy is the focus of a controversial debate in a KY neighborhood.

The Homeowner's Association says "Cooper's Playhouse" must go.

Cooper Veloudis doesn't know yet, but this is one of the last times the three-year-old can enjoy his playhouse.

"I would never have dreamed that a little boy's house would have caused quite a mess," Cooper's mother Tiffany said.

Cooper has cerebral palsy and his therapist suggested that a house designed especially for him would help him be more active – and it has.

"He has thrived with this, and he actually, since we got this, he can walk stairs on his own," Tiffany said.

But the Andover Forest Homeowner's Association says Cooper's house must go. The "structure," they say, is prohibited. And each day it's in their yard, Cooper's parents must pay $50.

"Within a week of it being here, we got a letter. You need to get rid of it."

When they had Cooper's playhouse designed, they made the color of the house match the paint of theirs. They didn't know the $5,000 playhouse would be a problem, considering their neighbors have a swing set and they have a trampoline of their own in their backyard.

To prove that point further, Cooper's father George took pictures of other "structures" build in the Andover Forest neighborhood, but with a threat of a "lean" against their property, the Veloudis family says they have no choice.

"This is obviously a special circumstance. There is nothing written in that code for a child with special needs," said Tiffany.

The Andover Forest Homeowner's Association Property Manager and their attorney did not respond to requests for comment.

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