FCSO warns of scams during the holiday season

From the Florence County Sheriff's Office

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC The Holiday Season is approaching and families will be traveling and gathering to celebrate and give thanks for our blessings. Unfortunately, it is also a time when scam artists are hard at work.

In the past few weeks we have noticed an increase in the number people who have been approached at home or in parking lots by individuals seeking contribution for charities or offering the replacement of car windshields for little or no cost.  Often these "salesmen" target young people, the elderly or other vulnerable individuals who are susceptible to the scams.  Your mother was right when she said "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

South Carolina Code of Laws Section 40-41-10 requires "door to door" salesmen to possess a license issued by the county in order to offer their products for sale, and anyone is authorized to ask to see the license.  Failure or refusal to present the license on demand is a misdemeanor.  While there are legitimate "door to door" salesmen, many are not.  Don't hesitate to ask to see the business license, but the existence of the license alone does not guarantee legitimacy.  Be particularly wary of door to door sales of home security systems, cleaning products or automobile glass replacement.  Never allow a stranger who appears at your door unsolicited into your home to perform a "security assessment" or to demonstrate a cleaning product.

Unfortunately, not everyone you will encounter this Thanksgiving has your best interest in mind. Call law enforcement with complaints of suspicious persons or any "door to door" salesmen operating without a license.

We wish everyone a safe and joyous Thanksgiving with family and friends.