Restaurant Scorecard: Oct. 14

SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control aims at improving food safety at area restaurants through a statewide inspection initiative.

The results, which are made available to the public, are based off of a 100 point checklist that inspects 50 areas of each chosen establishment. The lowest grade a restaurant can receive is a "C" rating, or 70 to 77 points.

The following are two of the latest restaurant inspection results in Myrtle Beach and Little River:

Peaches | 900 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach

Overall Grade: 88 – A

During an inspection on Oct. 10, a DHEC employee found potentially hazardous food not held below 45 degrees or above 130 degrees. Bottles of water were stored in edible ice and a pallet of bread was found stored on the floor.

The inspector also found a presence of flies and instructed the restaurant to not keep doors propped open. Pest control was notified.

Hillbilly's Still and Grill| 3389 Hwy 9, Little River

Overall Grade: 88 – A

On Oct. 7, a DHEC inspector found chili to be heated only to 90 degrees before it was placed on a steam table.

The inspector noted on the report that employees needed to file their fingernails down so they were smooth and easily cleanable. They also reportedly were not wearing gloves when handling exposed food.

Several areas were in need of cleaning.

To see any follow up scores of these and other restaurants within our area, visit DHEC's website. From there, you can search for a specific restaurant name or restaurants within a specific area.

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