Preparing the inside of your home against a hurricane

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) When it comes to storing or protecting certain items inside your home against a hurricane, if you live in a two story or above the ground floor, you have more options.

"If you're able to, move any of your important documentation, any things you have that are important to you, pictures or anything like that to move it upstairs," says Jenifer Sweat with Full Steam Ahead Water and Fire Restoration. "Away from, especially if you think you're in a flood zone."

When you are upstairs, make sure you move everything away from windows. That way if windows break, water and debris won't damage those items you're trying to keep safe. If you have a one story home, or if you live on the ground floor, the best thing to do is keep anything important in rooms with the fewest number of windows. If you live on the ground floor or in a one story home, just make sure to keep important items away from windows.

Some people may have been asked to turn their water off. This is because a pipe could break and your house could be flooded. If you live in a house, the shut off valve should be outside your home by the meter. If you live in a condo, it is usually by the hot water heater.

If you have rental property, check with property management before boarding up the outside of your house. Some have rules against altering the outside of your home, and you may be liable for any damages. If you have a vacation rental, Gary Bradham of Ally Management says all you have to worry about are your personal items and yourself.

"All the other activities around the property will be done by our on-site staff, or our vendor partner that might be located at that property," said Bradham.

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