Athlete of the Week: Jordan Renfrow

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Playing quarterback in Head Coach Tim Renfrow's triple option offense is anything but easy, but playing quarterback when you're Coach Renfrow's son is a completely different story

"It's difficult sometimes because my dad was a quarterback, my brother is my back-up quarterback, and he's a little bit better of an athlete than I am, so you hear a lot, but at the same time we're brothers so we've got each other's back," said Socastee quarterback Jordan Renfrow.

Tim Renfrow added, "Jordan's worked hard and I love him.  I love him more than the other kids, except for one more out there, because there's two of them I love more than the rest of them because they're mine, but I love them all."

Jordan Renfrow is entering his second season as the starter at Socastee.  After guiding the Braves to the playoffs last season, the Renfrows have their sights on just the second postseason victory in Socastee history in 2011.

While wins and losses are great, for both the opportunity to share the sidelines on Friday nights is truly a special feeling few fathers and sons ever experience.

"There's nothing more gratifying at the end of the night than looking into your father's eyes and knowing that you were successful and knowing that you did something that brought him honor.  It's definitely something that can't be replaced by any other feeling," said Jordan.

Tim agreed, saying, "It's a special feeling when it's your son, I've had the privilege of coaching three of them now and I've got one more that I hope to get to coach, but it is a special feeling to have them right there with you all the time."

As Jordan gets ready for his senior year, it's hard not to wonder if he plans to someday trade his helmet for a head set.

"Growing up that was always one of my dreams to be like my dad of course, so I'd love to.  I love football and I love coaching, so I've definitely thought about it, but not anytime soon I don't plan on it," said Jordan.

For Tim Renfrow, as a coach and a father, he only wants what's best for his quarterback and his son.

"If he wants to coach and be in young people's lives, and that's where the Lord wants him then that's where I want him, but if it's being a lawyer, or being a business man or whatever, as long as he's happy and successful, that's all that I ask."

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