Ethan Grainger receives $2,500 Athlete of the Week scholarship

Pictured: Gray Ervin (Left) and Ethan Grainger (Right)
Pictured: Gray Ervin (Left) and Ethan Grainger (Right)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - WMBF and the Mike Kelly Law Group teamed up on Wednesday morning to present former Loris High School football player Ethan Grainger with a $2,500 Athlete of the Week scholarship.

Ethan was chosen over each of the past Athlete of the Week honorees to receive the scholarship because of a story that inspired anyone who has heard it.

In a year and a half span Ethan lost both of his parents, yet with the help of his Loris teammates and family, continued to excel on and off the football field.

Ethan graduated with honors from Loris this year and will enroll at the University of South Carolina in the fall with hopes of eventually attending medical school.

"I knew that's what my parents would want from me, and they always pushed me hard to do well in school and I always told them that I wanted to be a doctor and they helped me to get on the right path to be there," said Ethan. "I want to continue on that path and let them see me succeed on what I told them I was going to."

The former Loris Lion's story stood out to Gray Ervin, who represented the Mike Kelly Law Group in presenting the scholarship.

"I read through many athletes profiles and was just struck by the circumstances that Ethan has been dealt and the way that he has responded to that adversity in a positive way," Ervin continued, "It was very refreshing to see a young man that gets it."

Grainger will begin classes at USC on August 15th and has his sights set on becoming an anesthesiologist or surgeon once he finishes medical school.

Below is the link to WMBF's Athlete of the Week story on Ethan from September 2010:

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