International technology park brings possibility of more jobs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Monday's ground breaking for the International Technology and Aerospace Park means it could be a matter of months before the 460 acres of land known as ITAP is ready for business. Construction workers will put in water and sewer lines, roads, underground electricity-everything manufacturers and companies would need to run.

Developers are hoping aviation-related businesses will call this area home as it sits next to a 10,000 foot runway. Office buildings, hotels, technology and software based companies moving in. Some international-based companies have already expressed interest in coming to Myrtle Beach. We could see hundreds or maybe even thousands of jobs opening for locals, which would provide year-round pay to supplement our tourism industry.
The goal of the Economic Development Group is to bring in 500 new jobs in the next year and a half. The Development Group says they are already aggressively pursuing aviation-based companies. Brad Lofton says, "You've got a lot of ingredients that go into a cake and I think we've got them all here. On a runway that can land some of the largest airplanes in the world. With all the infrastructure here...with skill sets that are ranked in the top 3 or 4 in the country."
No taxpayer money is going into this project because it is being paid for with local businesses, the city of Myrtle Beach and the county. County Property Manager Jim Papadea says it could take years to get the area totally developed, but it will be well worth the effort. Papadea says, "What they want to do is find year-round good paying jobs and I kind of looked at what assets we had and this one jumped out at me so what we tried to do is find out what is unique about this area and capitalize off of our uniqueness."
The project could be completed in the next eight to nine months.

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