CDC: Prepared for zombies

Published: May. 19, 2011 at 8:30 PM EDT
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(NBC) - Not generally known for its sense of humor, the Centers for Disease Control is renowned more for its clinical observation, tracking things like swine flu.

But this week the CDC quietly published a blog alerting Americans that they need to be prepared for any disaster, including a zombie apocalypse.

Dr. Ali Khan is the director of the CDC's Office of Public Health, Preparedness and dubbed the "Zombie Task Force."

His team was trying to think of a new way to tell people how to prepare for hurricane season when they stumbled on the idea of a zombie invasion.

"Public health preparedness allows us to think about the unexpected and unpredictable events, and I guess you can include zombies in unexpected and unpredictable events," he says.

The blog has important and serious information about disaster preparedness, like creating an emergency kit and planning evacuation routes for yourself and your neighbors.

It's advice heeded even as flood waters rose recently throughout the southeast.

The CDC blog uses humor to ease the anxiety that comes with thinking about potentially dangerous situations.

"There's a lot of real things in this world that can lead to social, political and economic disruption, and zombies serve as a good way for us to be able to talk about that," Dr. Khan says.

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