Inspiring kids to take to the sky

Source: WIS News
Source: WIS News

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Young Midlands children got the chance to spread their wings and fly high Saturday.

Jeff Skiles was the co-pilot of the "Miracle on the Hudson," and he was in town to inspire children toward aviation.

He is part of a program called "Young Eagles". The group is making stops on their way from Wisconsin to Florida. At each stop, young children get to take a ride in the sky for free. "Kids don't have access to aviation now like they did when I was young," said Skiles, "With security procedures, you just don't have access to the airport. If you don't know somebody, have a friend or family member who's a pilot, you really have no means of getting involved with it, and that's what the EA's providing with the Young Eagles program."

Since 1992, the Young Eagles program has flown more than 1.6 million young people free of charge. Recent research showed that these young people are five times more likely to become pilots than non-young eagles.

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