Pass the Cash: Tricia Smith

Tricia Smith (Standing, far right) and family
Tricia Smith (Standing, far right) and family

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It's a nice work environment when you can count on the people you work beside everyday to look out for you when times are tough. Co-workers are helping co-workers as they Pass the Cash with WMBF News.

This week's stop for WMBF News Anchor Paula Caruso is at Litchfield Real Estate.

"She's just a great person; she tries so hard; she works and works and works," says Sharon Abee of her co-worker and friend Tricia Smith.

Those who work with Tricia don't have a bad word to say about her. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The office can't stop singing her praises, including the owner of Litchfield Real Estate, Stoney Miller.

"She has been the best employee, very dependable," says Miller.

That dependability stretches from the office to Tricia's home.

"Tricia works so very hard to support so many people," explains Abee.

Miller adds, "She is one of the most responsible people I know and she's not only responsible here at work, she's responsible for so many people at home."

Tricia's the head of a full house.

Not only does she have her three daughters living with her, but she also has her young grandson, her mother who's battling cancer, and her brother.

Abee says Tricia works so hard for others; it's time someone gave to her. "She works really hard to take care of all these people and we thought she needs someone to help take care of her a little bit."

Paula Caruso hands over $300 to Sharon Abee to surprise Tricia.

"Thank you. This is great!"

Sharon hands the money over to Tricia. "We thought it could help you out a little bit," she says to her friend.

Tricia said the $300 would help her with doctor bills and medicine for the sick kids at home.

As the head of housekeeping at Litchfield Real Estate, Tricia oftentimes works past her shift, cleaning houses to make extra money.

"She's always willing to work and go the extra mile and go do extra work to help her family," comments Miller.

Tricia's smile and laughter seem to help her through the tough times. "I hope they remember this when I get old!" she jokes.

So how does Tricia get by supporting so many people living under her roof?

"Come to work!" she laughs. "Just keep thinking positive, keep that faith going."