Consider This: The Difference in One Year

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

What a difference a year makes. Just think, last year we were questioning the decision by Myrtle Beach leaders to cancel the Myrtle Beach Marathon due to a rare weather event that dumped snow across the region and this year we're asking for the sunscreen.

Consider This: This year there was no concern for snow with the sun shining brightly all weekend and temperatures climbing into the 70s. That's Chamber of Commerce weather for sure… and since we love to blame him for the bad stuff, we'll give Rob Hatchell, our chief meteorologist, credit for the nice conditions.

When you combine the great weather with a President's Day holiday weekend and thousands of marathon participants you have all the fixings for a nice economic boost for the region. And from the number of cars filling up the parking lots of area shopping and dining establishments, I would say the upcoming season looks promising. The rising gas prices are not helpful, but people want a family getaway and they'll make that happen even if it means a few more bucks to fill up the tank.

After what we warm blooded Southerners would call a frigid winter, the sun and higher temps sure are nice. Let's hope this Chamber weather continues because it's just what we need to lure the golfers and vacationers here which will get these cash registers ringing again as we ramp up for the summer blitz.

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