Mysterious artifact turns up at Fort McAllister

Fort McAllister, GA - RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Around Savannah, there's history around every corner, but at Fort McAllister, something turned up no one expected.

A 200-pound parrott shell, still filled with gun powder, was found close to the fort.

Ranger Talley Kirkland knows Fort McAllister like the back of his hand. But even after countless tours, these surprises still pop up.

"This is a neat piece of our history. I don't know of another one that has been found," Kirkland said.

It is a mystery who found the shell.

"This site is protected and obviously it was not laying on top of the ground," Kirkland said.

Kirkland said someone must have found it with a metal detector. That's illegal and probably the reason the person who found it isn't coming forward.

Park officials detonated the shell. It was filled with black powder. And even though it's nearly 150 years old, chances are it was still explosive according to park officials.

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