Does It Work- Insta-Peeler

(WMBF) - Cleaning up might not be the best part of a cooking experience, but now a new product promises to peel your vegetables and collect the scraps.

The Insta-Peeler aims at peeling a variety of vegetables without the mess, thanks to a built-in chamber. Jeanne Brumleve puts the product to the test with a cucumber, potato and squash to see if the product really lives up to its promises.

As Brumleve tries out the Insta-Peeler on a large cucumber, she notices that she has to use a larger amount of force to get the skin off. She takes it for a second go on the potato, and is curious to see how it would perform around its curves.

Brumleve said she'd rather use her regular peeler on smaller, rounded produce like potatoes.

The Insta-Peeler passes through its third test with a large squash, but as Brumleve continues to peel, she said she noticed its handle became flimsy.

"The durability - it's still a concern," she noted.

Coming at a small cost of $5, the Insta-Peel proves it works, but for how long? It does create less of a mess, earning itself a C+ on its "Does It Work?" test.

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