Boeing to bring another plant to SC and hire 150

North Charleston, SC - NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WMBF) - Boeing is bringing another plant to South Carolina.

The aircraft maker announced Monday it will create about 150 jobs by building a plant to assemble the interiors for its new 787 jetliner.

The company says it hasn't decided an exact location for the new plant, but it wants the inside of the planes made within 20 minutes of the jetliner assembly line being built in North Charleston and scheduled to open in July 2011.

"Boeing's investment in South Carolina continues to enhance our state's ever-growing aerospace industry, and today's announcement of additional jobs at the new interiors facility is indeed another indication of Boeing's positive impact here," said South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. "The infusion of new jobs and investment that will come from this announcement reinforces the fact that our emphasis on improving business soil conditions brings real-world economic gains."

The new facility, Boeing Fabrication Interiors South Carolina, will be located near the North Charleston final assembly and delivery site. As many as 150 employees will work at the new interiors facility, which will serve as an extension of the existing Interiors Responsibility Center in Everett, WA.

Boeing officials wouldn't say how much the company is investing in the new plant.

The company picked South Carolina for a second site to build its latest jetliner, expanding from its longtime Washington manufacturing base to take advantage of incentives and a nonunion work force.

The new facility will require skilled workers in a range of disciplines that include: assembly mechanics, major equipment operators, supply chain logistics, engineering, quality, project managers and management.

This decision is part of Boeing's plan announced in 2009 to provide an independent sourcing stream for 787 final assembly and delivery in South Carolina.

"By expanding Boeing's footprint in South Carolina, we enhance our existing foundation with Boeing Charleston and further contribute to the growth of aerospace in the region," said Ray Conner, vice president and general manager, Supply Chain Management and Operations, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "Ultimately, the decision we made in 2009 builds on our overall strategy to successfully meet our 787 customer commitments and to optimize our production capability."

The Boeing Fabrication Interiors South Carolina team will manufacture 787 interior parts, including stow bins, closets, partitions, class dividers, floor-mounted stow bins used by flight attendants, overhead flight-crew rests, overhead flight attendant crew rests, video-control stations and attendant modules.

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