Hoarder dies under piles of belongings

(NBC) – Law enforcement in Lee County, MS, believe they found the remains of a missing woman buried under items in her Lake Piomingo home.

For nearly six months, a family wondered about the whereabouts of Rita Kabban. They eventually filed a missing person report. Law enforcement pieced together clues without any answers until now.

"We have found what we believe are the remains of a body," said Sheriff Jim Johnson.

What's believed to be Kabban's skeletal remains were found inside her home among other things.

"You would not have seen it unless you did exactly what we did today and come out here and just did a physical search which has been very very difficult," Johnson said.

Now on the surface someone may not understand.

"I don't expect it to be rational for most of us because it's not," said psychologist Priscilla Roth-Wall.

But when you take a closer look into Rita Kabban's life you may find she isn't different than the average person.

Gaye Lemons the owner of the a near by Texaco gas station in the Auburn community says Kabban's shopped in her store for 15 years.

"She was just happy go lucky and everything and she was sweet she kind of got our heart, but he was the type of lady that would come in and if she bought one thing she bought every bit of it," Lemons said.

Roth-Wall says Kabban probably suffered from the condition of being a hoarder.

"These people would really be called obsessive compulsive either the personality disorder or the disorder and they would I suppose do this not so much for the attachment to the objects themselves but because they feel better if they have these things or maybe they can't make decisions to throw them away," said Roth-Wall.

But no matter the label, those who knew Kabban say she will be missed.

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