Magnetic spa tubs promise a safe pedicure

(NBC) - We've all heard the reports about the possible dangers of pedicures stemming from the unsanitary conditions of those popular jetted tubs, but now there may be a safer alternative.

It's no secret that women love a pedicure. Kristi Burdette is just one of them.

"It's just a great pampering and it's just a fun time to relax," Burdette said, "Or have some alone time."

But lurking in the back of every customer's mind is the question of wether or not her spa is a clean spa.

"I love to have my toenails painted, but I don't want a staph infection," Burdette said.

Traditional spa tubs have pipes that are difficult to clean and can easily harbor bacteria and fungus. However, a Texas company is changing that with new magnetic jets.

They're pipeless, powered by magnets and completely removable so they're easier to sanitize.

Tiffany Palmer, a salon manager, said that its not only important for the health and safety of customers, but for the business as well.

"We can be fined anywhere from $500 to $2,500 if it's not cleaned properly," Palmer said.

Customers said the new spas make them feel better about a treatment that already left them feeling great.

The company is also working on a magnetic jet for home whirlpools.  They expect it to be available through retailers sometime this summer.

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