Consider This - Sheriff Wayne Byrd

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

It is easy for all of us to take for granted our local law enforcement officers and their efforts on a daily basis to help protect us and our families. One area sheriff has been extremely impressive in what he and his team have accomplished since he was elected in June of 2008. The person I am speaking about is Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Consider This: Since Sheriff Byrd took office he has put a plan into place that has focused on reducing crime in Darlington County and he has been very effective in his efforts. We are consistently airing reports about arrests, undercover investigations and other law enforcement efforts that should send a message to criminals, and should also create a feeling of security for the citizens of Darlington County. In fact, Sheriff Byrd and his team helped us with our most recent investigative story, Counterfeit Crashes.

Keep up the great work Sheriff Byrd and all of the other law enforcement officers who help to keep us safe. We appreciate what you do and are thankful you have chosen to serve.

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