Class teaches toddlers how to save themselves from drowning

(NBC) - It's a fear for every parent of a toddler: Their child tumbles into a pool.

Every summer, it happens hundreds of times around the country. There are some who contend those toddlers can be taught to save themselves.

"By continuously going from a face up to a face down position, and doing that over and over," explains infant swimming resource instructor Andie Groff, "They get to the point like oh my face is down, I need to roll over."

In the past, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned that kids under the age of 4 weren't physically ready for such swim lessons.

Then, a recent study from the National Institutes of Health concluded instead that these lessons help kids protect themselves.

"We basically show the children what to do based on touch. We are touching certain muscles in their body," said Groff.  "It's the same thing when tying your shoes, keep learning and keep trying, eventually second nature to you."

The children practice not only in swim suits, but also in shirts and shoes and finally in a winter coat.

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