Viewers react to NAACP boycott of the Confederate Flag

The following comments were made from viewers responding to the Poll, asking: "The ACC pulled its championship tournament from Myrtle Beach because of the NAACP's boycott on South Carolina. Do you think the Confederate flag should be removed from the statehouse?"

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WARNING:  Some comments may be offensive.

It's amazing to me that you would have a discussion about the Confederate Flag and not have anyone of color in attendance to discuss this issue on your show.  Yes, I know that the NAACP National Conference is going on this weekend in NYC but you could not find ONE person of color to discuss this issue?!  Basically, when black people see that flag, it is a sign of racism.  Period!  The internet is an amazing place to find out information.  Try it out and you will find out a lot.  You look at Neo-Nazi websites and rallies and guess what, there's a Confederate flag front and center almost every time!  These ignorant groups know that the flag is a sign of racism so why not YOU (educated whites)?!  The argument is "it's a sign of pride of our history", that's what I hear from white people in the South.  Really?!....You have pride in a sign or symbol that means racism to black people?!  I know that that's the basic issue with this issue of disrespect.  I'm a person in my 30s, grew up in Southern North Carolina and traveled over the border to South Carolina countless times.  I remember recent times in the 80s and 90s where the Klan has marched in our town (spitting their hate based on their 'right to free speech' until people got fed up with it and let them know that they didn't have a right to free hate speech), I've been chased away from areas by Klan members and have been called the N-word many times from people in my short time on this Earth.  Most of those times, it has been from a person who either had that flag on their car, on their hat or clothing.  And white people say they have "pride" in this flag.  I wonder is that really pride in their own history or culture (if they even know it) or is that really pride in the hate the flag still hangs over black people (a rebellion against the new order of political correctness)?  Now, like I said before...I'm in my 30s and I feel this way about "your" flag ....imagine how black people who are older than me feel about that flag?!....those blacks who actually went through the struggle of civil rights reforms - that flag is a smack in the face to all of their hard work.  Another argument I have heard is, "well, I have black friends or go to church with black people", thanks a lot for gracing us, black folks, with your presence...I'm sure your black friends would not want to see that flag.  Hey, if you really want to see their real reaction to that flag, go out and buy a flag for your black 'friend', wrap it up as a present and give it to them.....And just watch their reaction.  I don't think they will thank you for it.  Should a flag really be an issue that divides people in this country?  I think not.  But should black people be constantly reminded that they were belittled in a country they helped create?  Again I think not.  Will Smith, a non-treatening black guy who a lot of white people love (even as a 'friend') in movies these days made a song in the 80s called, "parents just don't understand"....well, to you Mr. Fortenberry, I would change that title just a bit about your "flag" to white people just don't understand and until you have been belittled by another group of people the way black people have by whites in this country, you just won't understand what that flag means to us.  Maybe you the State Representative you had on your show can ask your black "friends" about it sometime.  If they are really your friends, then they will definitely let you know about it without censoring their responses.  But I warn you that this is an issue that could threaten your 'friendship'.  Good luck with 'your' issue and it's a shame that the people of South Carolina have lost potential earnings because of it.  ACC Tourney - Welcome to North Carolina, a state that mostly uses its head rather than using the weak argument of "pride" to help its people.

P.S. oh, also your argument about the people of Mississippi still having the Confederacy in their flag?!  First point, only half of the black people in Mississippi can even read - literacy rate is the lowest in the country.  Since many can't read then I'm sure they are not going to vote especially for a referendum about a flag.  With one of the lowest average per capita incomes, people in Mississippi are just trying to survive and are not really worried about a flag.  Second point, Did you know that the Mississippi legislature passed a bill to repeal discriminatory civil rights laws that had been enacted in 1964 but ruled unconstitutional in 1967 by federal courts. Republican Governor Haley Barbour signed the bill into law not in the 1970s, not in the 80s, 90s...but this year!!!  Based on these facts, I think Mississippi is just a bit behind the curve of being politically, culturally, economically and civilly correct.  Mr. Fortenberry, an intelligent guy like you should not hang your hat on the actions of Mississippi.

I've never seen a flag jump off a pole and hurt anyone.

No I do not think the Confederat flag needs to be removed. It is our heritage. If we have to remove the flag then I feel that the ones who want it removed should have to stop wearing their African flag colors on their clothes. This is offensive to us. Why can we not just get along?

Why should a flag that symbolizes soldiers who fought a just war for freedom from a tyrannical imperialist federal gov't be removed to please a group which admits it makes ALL it's desicision based on race?

Leave it up!

Leave the flag where it is,,, it is History and that is all it is , even if some people want to make more of it than that, sad for them..... LEAVE THE FLAG WHERE IT IS !!

because it is a true american FLAG.

What has the NAACP boycotting South Carolina got to do with leaving or removing the Confederate Flag from the State House?  Let the NAACP boycott all they want to.  Who do they think they are hurting?  The flag needs to stay.  The boycott will not make or break the State of SC.  Whatever makes their boat float.  Doesn't make any difference who or what the NAACP boycotts, it doesn't change a thing.

What dose NAACP stand for I thought it was National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. How is the removal of the flag going to Advance the color people?

History should be remembered.Financial situations are not valid reasons for changing the flag.

NCAAP is very uneducated, just listen to the leader here in Myrtle Beach speak.  In today's economy we need business.  A lot of black people don't agree with the NCAAP either.

There were blacks who fought for the South in the war and the war was over taxes and trade, not slavery. A lot of people in the South fought to protect their families who never owned a slave.  Our state flag was first used as a battle flag for the SC Confederate soldiers.  With all of the resources in America and access to the internet there is no reason for people to be so stupid and lack knowledge before opening their mouths.

The same reason why I can't figure out people who wait 3 hours at the seafood buffett and get mad because the price is too much.  All they have to do is ask when they get there.

I see why this country is falling apart.

The time for celebrating the Confederacy is long, long past. When flown, the Confederate flag symbolizes that it is still current. Put that piece of history in a case and let's move on.

Our flags are all (for the people) not against the people,who had fathers,sons&family killed in generations of wars they then fought for our safty not our color.don't let twisted stories destroy what they were fighting for back then.amen

It's over, it's done with.  Let's get into the 21st Century.  It only adds to the racist that already exists.  One less reminder is one less bone of contention.

Plus, we need tourism, especially in this economy.  We need all the tourist we can get, and less politicians claiming they know what the majority want.

Mrytle Beach, S.C. deserves the ACC Baseball Tournament. The ACC, NCAA, and the NAACP are wrong. They may be breaking the law. They can get over it. I am a N.C. resident. I do not want the ACC Tournament here. S.C. deserves, to fly the Confederate Flag. Let the Confederate Flag fly, at the S.C. State House.

I want to congratulate you on your editorial comments regarding the ACC withdrawal from Myrtle Beach for the upcoming baseball playoffs.  This was an economic boom to the city and to the hundreds if not thousands of minority employees involved in an event like the regional baseball playoffs.  It was a great disappointment to me to see the ACC succumb to the NAACP blackmail.  Your general manager called it right and as a new listener to channel 10 I am proud of your statement.  The NAACP has to understand the jobs are more important than a battle flag flying over a confederate memorial.  I would not be surprised to see many of those employees looking for work after this decision.

The flag is part of our history.  What right does the NAACP have to pull the ACC tournament from MB; it's not their tournament.  The flag is flying 125 miles away and was voted  in the year 2000 to remain at it's location.

Keep the flag flying or are we suppose to rewrite HISTORY.

Just like Michael Jackson hooha this is a black power grab.

The ACC has no business meddling in politics that belongs to the people!  They should be supporting athelics only.

The war may have been over in 1865 but the affects lasted even into the 1940s.

It wasn't that long ago and I knew white and black people who suffered from being a colony of the North.

FLAG THE BATTLE FLAG today - the same issues as 1860 at stake.

The flag is part of our heritage and history whether we like it or not. It's time to move on and appreciate the good in our state

Flying a defeated battle flag says something about the mentality of some in our state. The war is over. Let's move on. We are Americans.

This flag should've never been placed ANYWHERE on the grounds...period. When it was placed atop the Statehouse in '62, it was not meant to stay there AND it was done by an ALL-WHITE legislature vote. Other "slave" states removed the flag from their statehouses...but not South Carolina...well, not until 2000. And, remember, just b/c people fight wars, doesn't mean they are fought for the right reasons. This flag only represents a certain group of people and never had anything to do with unity. It's comparable to someone spitting in your face & walking away with a smile on their face. That's exactly why it has been allowed to stay on the grounds. (The politicians are too scared to vote against it for fear of being looked at as going against an "inside" southern " heritage rule" that might cut a lot of friendships & votes.)

My biggest problem with so called "supporters" & "lovers" of this flag is how they're ready to attack anyone who speaks against it, but NEVER do they EVER PUBLICLY SPEAK AGAINST those HATE groups who have used their "beloved" flag for MANY, MANY, MANY YEARS in HORRIBLE CRIMES against non-whites and especially blacks. If you "love" that flag as you say you do, why haven't you been in the media & in the streets defending it and PUBLICLY denouncing those who have used it & continue to use it as a symbol of hate??? And please don't act like you don't know. Watch any documentary on these groups, pull up an image search for some of these hate groups and you'll see that flag many times being flown proudly alongside the American flag (...the KKK claims that the American flag is their "official" flag, but they'll probably have just as many confederate flags flying with them.) You're always so quick to call the NAACP a hate group, but you should learn a lesson from them...when they have an issue with something, whether all people agree with it or not, they WILL make it known and will do so PUBLICLY, even knowing that it will come with criticism. You "supporters" & "lovers" should be in the news & in the papers DAILY, denouncing these HATE GROUPS that give YOUR BELOVED FLAG a bad name. But, no...we'll never see that b/c you all are cowards. You might lose friendships or business connections, etc., if you were to do such a thing. In all of these years past (AND currently, b/c hate groups have grown since President Obama took office (, and some of them, if not most, still use YOUR BELOVED FLAG), YOU should've been PROTESTING & MARCHING, making it known that you were TAKING A STAND for YOUR BELOVED FLAG b/c many men died under that flag. Well, I guess when you saw how blacks (& some whites) were being shot with water from fire hoses , being beaten with billy clubs, hung from trees & burned, being bitten by police dogs, etc., b/c they marched & protested for something that should've been theirs ANYWAY (i.e. R-I-G-H-T-S), you saw how brutal it was and decided that you didn't want to receive that same treatment. Look...until you take a REAL STAND for your flag that you say you "love" so much and is a symbol of YOUR heritage, don't get mad at the NAACP & others who want it off of the's NOT THEIR FAULT that this flag has left such a bad taste in the mouths, hearts & minds of many. YOU'VE  ALLOWED & continue to allow YOUR FLAG to receive this bad name and they're not the responsible parties! You've allowed YOUR BELOVED FLAG to be DISRESPECTED by hate groups (i.e. kkk (confederate white knights, for one), etc.)  for SO MANY YEARS, but you've never had ANYTHING to say about that, now have you? Take up the REAL ISSUE with the TRUE RESPONSIBLE parties & stop being cowards. For those of you who tell blacks to "get over it," please remember that there are people who are STILL searching for their family member's or members' killers from hate crimes from even back in the 60s and beyond. To say "get over it" b/c "it's" in the past shows you care nothing about that flag & those who fought for it b/c we could say the same to you...GET OVER IT...they're dead and it's in the your flag somewhere else (...doesn't sound so nice now, does it??)

Keep the flag........... the ACC backed out and now i am sure the next group john rhodes and city council tries to find to make up for ordinences put in place to keep out black bike week will see the writing on the wall also. just wait more taxes will be imposed to make up for stupity

I'm really disappointed in this stirring up of the confederate flag issue. It's very disheartening to hear so many people's sentiments on this, and I'm only hoping that more pro-flag people are attracted to comment, which are the only comments I saw you air this morning, even though I know there are others. While I don't agree with the boycott, because it hurts so many people of all races and is hypocritical, the flag should go, should have gone long, long ago. This is not the kind of thing we need to still be worrying about, not with our economy and our governor and the state of world.

If I am not mistaken, there at least two different state flags, that in it's make up has the confederate flag in it.

Could the fact that South Carolina has Myrtle Beach, which attracts millions of people each year, make a difference?

Its not about the Flag.  Read todays paper,  The Sun News.  The first column is about the unequal representation of people in the MB  and the prejudicial manner in which the council and mayor are governing. The next column is about the ACC's decision.  One explains the other. Remember prejudice comes in many forms.  IF the people of MB would have had equal representation there would have been no 3 mil biker tax, No biker regulations, NO 1% sales tax and no prejudicial representation.  They then would have had a leg to stand on with the ACC.  Of course we all know that the only reason for the biker regulations and taxes were to keep the black bikers out of MB.  I guess some others knew the same thing.  And you wonder why the ACC acted on the advice of the NAACP?

Time to get that old rag down and move into the 21st century

First off I didn't realize there were 45 hate groups in S.C.. Guess I'll have to verify that. My issue with the flag is that it was derived from History and has been deemed symbolic by Southern Culture. It may be construed as symbolism of Hate by some .

This perception is only accepted and acknowledged by those lacking education of the "Flags True Meaning". While I accept the logic of what the NAACP is doing [ Pulling functions from Myrtle Beach ,ACC Tournament] They made no attempt to pull the Basketball tournament from North Myrtle Beach,wonder why??? Especially when the Basketball thing is comprised primarily of Black participants. It kind of seems to me this is a NAACP form of retribution against Myrtle Beach. No doubt because of the MB Mayor and all the city council proponents. The NAACP is a very powerful group in this country, they definitely flex more than the ACLU or even the phony NRA. Aside of that, I guess George Washington's time has expired on the Dollar Bill. Who's next Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson, or AL Sharkkkton??. Time will tell

I believe that the NAACP should step back and let ACC games be played here.  They don't seem to mind bike week and let us know that they have the right to ride here.  If we have to remove the flag, then we have to also remove part of our history of the South and of the United States.  With this being said, then if the flag were to come down, then the history of slavery must also go away.  This would be a subject closed for any future discussions or platforms to gripe about.

HMMMMMM, maybe we should take it down and then dissolve the NAACP.  If there isn't a history of slavery, what would they have to complain about?  The NAACP stands on shifting ground.  They follow the news events and see where they can find a subject to take a stand for blacks.  The NAACP calls for fairness yet does not mean it for all people.  They have a chip on their shoulder, and everyone suffers from something that no one on the face of the earth ever had any part in.


The original purpose of the boycott was to get the flag removed from the top of the statehouse building.  The decision was to move it to the confederate monument.  I agree with its placement because tens of thousands including an estimated 5,000 BLACK soldiers served under its banner.  The flag honors those people even if we don't agree with why they were fighting.  The new goal of the NAACP should not be to remove the flag but to foster friendships, understanding, and love.   Blacks of today have so many oporunities to succeed, but don't use them.  Or if they do, they are accussed by their peers of "acting white"  I heard this from a fellow student in college some years back.  I don't remember his name. I had never heard of such a thing, but where he grew up in South Carolina that was the norm.  He was a straight A student and was often made fun of because he wanted to become something.  Maybe the NAACP should work on changing the mindset of it's youth before it can change the minset of others

Also, Is there also a boycott of Mississippi who has the confederate flag as part of the state flag? Or how about Arkansas?  One of the stars in the center of the flag represents its involvement in the confederacy.  Sould they also be boycotted?  When will the NAACP accept that slavery took place and yes it was wrong, but there is no way to erase it completely and both sides have to accept each other and live in peace.  We are asking the Israelis and Palistinians to put aside there differences and live together peacefully.  There are and will be monuments on each side that represent the division, but it is time to work together for a common good.

Today all over the world people of all colors and creeds came together to mourn Michael Jackson.  Blacks, whites, asians, christian, and non-chritian all gatherd together and no one asked where do you standon this or that political issue.  Maybe we can take this as an example and move past the flag issue

End the boycott

Twenty-five percent of the male population of SC died defending the state from invasion.  Go read their words on the Statehouse monument.  As a military veteran of 25 years myself, I'd say let the big brave boys of the NCAA keep their sports events. They are lucky some of us are willing to fight to keep them free so they play their games.   I didn't see them in Vietnam when I was there with my Confederate battle flag from '71-'73.  They weren't in Iraq either, come the think of it.  Leave the flag alone.  Real men died for it.

Bike week Atlantic Beach?????What happend to that boycott????


The flag means something historically to the confederates (or sons of). It is a symbol for them as hard times trying to claim a territory. It is sad that some have poised the flag as a symbol as hate. That was not its original intention. Do not remove the flag. Part of history will die. What does Myrtle Beach hosting a sports event have to do with a flag at the capital?

The true Confederate flag is not of hatred but of history and brotherhood.

Hate groups used this flag in later history as their own. Are we to take away everything that  is in history because of a few who abuse it. It seems the minority will do anything to change what they don't like. Take out the Holocaust cause all the Jews that remember are now dead. Take out Vietnam from our history books, because it was a failed war.

Take out prayer and God in school, because it offends some. What do you think America was built on in the first place. All these groups should take their own advice learn to compromise. Let history be history, there are more important things that we could be working on, world hunger, abandon children, the homeless, the unemployed.

We are here to serve one another not judge or react in anger.

No! The flag should not be removed! It is a part of Southern History and the State of South Carolina.

Thought NAACP was gonna boycott Atlantic Beach Bike week?????

What Happend???

The ACC supports the NAACP?  Wonder how many were here during Bike Week? Oh, that's right, the NAACP doesn't boycott during Bike Week. I think the ACC should support an organization that stands for what they believe in at all times, not just when it suits.

I don't care who died fighting under the Confederate Flag.  To keep it up is unpatriotic and hateful.  Bottom line, the Confederate flag represents an attempt to undermine the government of the United States of America for the purpose of keeping free labor.  Don't give me any states rights crap.  People who argue that its part of their heritage need to be honest with themselves.  Its Racist!  I'm glad the ACC reconsidered and I support the NAACP in this boycott.  I'm a white guy from Alabama and I know racism when I see it.

I think our country is really beginning to forget the people (black & white) that served under the Confederate Flag. The flag itself is a true southern symbol , only representing the South as a group, not separating black & white.The flag should stay because if we continue to change things to please one group soon another will want something changed and so on.We as a country need to move forward,unite and work on the problems facing our country today, not try to cause more division .It's our SOUTHERN HERITAGE  and I for one want it to remain .

This flag is still part of American History and the NAACP is using it for their own benefit.

I think everybody need to accept that the Civil War was fought, a lot of good people died in that war, that is my history and the history of millions more.  Leave the flag alone.  It honors my great-great-grandfather who is buried in Pennsylvania at Gettysburg who was killed in this war.  He did not own slaves because he was a poor person.  He would not have owned slaves had he been a wealthy planter.  The majority of the dead soldiers did not own slaves, they were fighting because they believed it was their duty because their government called them to do so.  Leave our flag alone.

The Confederate Flag is one of dwindling few remaining representations of Southern heritage. If African-Americans choose to make the flag a negative symbol, that is their choice. However, that choice doesn't change the true heritage of this flag. Too many have folded to the whims of "groups" choosing to change the symbolic history of the Confederate flag. That doesn't change the true historic symbol of the Confederate states in their battle against northern aggression.

It's a part of history, just like Fort Sumter and other places in and around Charleston. Should we tear them down? It's in the past(history) get over it! We have.

There are 45 hate groups in SC, 3rd highest in the nation.  Take this symbol of hate off the state grounds.

The war is over, they lost, get over it.

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