SBA releases names of Grand Strand businesses that received less than $150K in PPP loans

The names have been released of Grand Strand businesses who received $150,000 or less in Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans.

DHEC explains special storage plan if Pfizer vaccine distributed in S.C.

Long-term care industry supports CDC recommendation to include in 1st phase of COVID-19 vaccine distribution

  Forging Ahead: Vaccine Advisory Committee member provides insight into COVID-19 vaccines for children

FAQs: Questions related to COVID-19 vaccine distribution in S.C.

  Forging Ahead: DHEC leaders break down South Carolina’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan

Department of Revenue issues $500 fine to bar near CCU for violating governor’s order

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SCDOT places ‘No Parking’ signs at popular Murrells Inlet trail lot; working to modify parking area

Horry County Council votes in favor of removing mining from zoning regulations

  Horry County ordinance could make it harder for property owners to fight future mining operations

Data shows pandemic impact on Grand Strand tourism-related tax revenues

  Hearing for Murrells Inlet biker bar battling to keep alcohol license pushed to February

  Nurse practitioner field grapples with question of whether to standardize curriculum nationwide

Report: Trooper’s vehicle bumped into woman lying along Hwy. 501 in Conway area

A South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper bumped into a woman lying in the middle of the road with his state-issued vehicle, according to a traffic collision report obtained by WMBF Investigates.

  WMBF INVESTIGATES: Water problems, HOA complaints create perfect storm of issues in Grand Strand

For residents living in flat and retirement-driven areas like the Grand Strand, a problem familiar to many are issues with homeowners associations and water.

ZIP CODE BREAKDOWN: DHEC data shows rise in COVID-19 cases in Horry County zip codes

While Horry County as a whole saw fewer cases last week compared to the week before, some zip codes are seeing steady rises in the number of cases.

  Closing and Cashing In: Coronavirus relief funding goes to colleges with histories of financial instability and plans to close

The federal government allocated nearly half a billion in CARES Act funds to colleges the government considered not financially responsible. Some colleges received money after announcing their plans to close for good.

City of Myrtle Beach says judge’s approval of hospitality fee settlement another step closer to resolution

  Election officials explain options for voting before Election Day 2020

  ‘I am unrecognizable’: Medical tourist surpasses weight loss goal

Marion Co. animal shelter director under investigation for alleged embezzlement

  ‘It is literally one of the best feelings in the world’: Medical tourist returns home

  ‘There’s always that small little fear of what if I don’t wake up’: The decision to be a medical tourist

  ‘COVID-19’ removed from Grand Strand woman’s death certificate after months-long fight

After a months-long battle, the death certificate of a Grand Strand family’s loved one is now COVID-19 free.

  Fact-checking South Carolina’s U.S. Senate candidates after first debate

A lot can be said while taking to the podium upon a debate stage - and sometimes claims asserted can be lost in the mix.

  SENATE RACE DATA: Graham, Harrison races spend millions on Facebook ads

In 2020, digital advertising for political campaigns is being utilized like never before.

  COVID-19 budget cuts force Myrtle Beach to offer early retirement to certain city employees

For the first time, WMBF News is learning the true impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on the city of Myrtle Beach’s government.

  WMBF INVESTIGATES: Federal assistance program implemented in state, locals concerned over potential identity theft

The latest form of federal unemployment aid, the Lost Wages Assistance program, is finally here in South Carolina.

  Murrells Inlet biker bar to call in extra help to ensure safe pre-bike rally week event

The South Carolina Department of Commerce explained why it reversed its decision to allow a popular Murrells Inlet biker bar to hold a fall pre-bike rally week event this weekend.

Murrells Inlet biker bar heads to court in November to fight to keep alcohol license

A court date has been set for a Murrells Inlet biker bar whose alcohol license is in jeopardy.

S.C. Dept. of Commerce reverses decision, allows Murrells Inlet biker bar to hold pre-bike week rally

A popular Murrells Inlet biker bar will be allowed to hold a fall pre-bike week rally this weekend.

  Horry County man creates Facebook group to catch pedophiles

A man created a Facebook group that he said aims to protect the kids of Horry County, and he spoke exclusively to WMBF News about his mission.

  CCU explains reasoning behind data disclosed on COVID-19 dashboard, introduces new dataset

WMBF Investigates spoke with those tasked with coordinating Coastal Carolina University’s response to the pandemic and presenting vital information to the public via a weekly-updated dashboard.

  Documents show popular Murrells Inlet biker bar will fight to keep alcohol license

A popular Murrells Inlet biker bar will fight to keep its alcohol license, according to documents from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

  S.C. Dept. of Revenue seeks to revoke Murrells Inlet biker bar’s alcohol license

A popular Murrells Inlet biker bar could lose its alcohol license for violating the governor’s executive orders.

  CDC: ‘COVID-19 exposure’ should be left off of death certificates

WMBF Investigates is continuing to look into a local death certificate originally mislabeled with COVID-19, to find more on what kind of oversight exists.

  DHEC: COVID-19 case count grows in South Carolina schools

After state officials released their first set of data on Friday, South Carolina student and school employee coronavirus infections have reportedly risen.

  Grand Strand family frustrated after mother’s death certificate amended to say ’COVID-19 exposure’

In the Part Two section of the certificate, which lists other significant conditions contributing to death, COVID-19 exposure is identified.

  DHEC clarifies ’misunderstanding’ surrounding CDC data on COVID-19-related deaths

State health officials are clarifying a misunderstanding around recently-released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding deaths associated with COVID-19.

  ‘It’s like a slap in the face’: Grand Strand family finds COVID-19 mislabeled on mother’s death certificate

One Grand Strand family has been in limbo for weeks - because their mother’s death certificate blames COVID-19 for her passing, and they say that’s simply not the case.

SLED hands out violations to Grand Strand, Pee Dee businesses for disobeying governor’s executive orders

The State Law Enforcement Division has responded to hundreds of complaints about businesses that are violating the governor’s executive orders.

  Prosecuted and Paid: Government doles out billions in coronavirus relief money to companies that paid out millions in fraud-related cases

More than 200 companies that paid the federal government for fraud related accusations in the last decade received billions of dollars in unsolicited relief money as part of the coronavirus bailout package.

  COVID Data: Horry Co. reached highest levels of reported testing early July

Across South Carolina, recent numbers show fewer people are being tested for the coronavirus.

  Educational barriers heightened for special needs students during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had widespread effects on children's learning. Special education students have felt this strongly.

Data shows downward trend in Horry County COVID-19 cases after mask mandates implemented

The Department of Health and Environmental Control announced a new online resource that provides a localized look at coronavirus cases and the impacts.

DHEC’s public lab unable to use thousands of contaminated materials from federal government

The Department of Health and Environmental Control’s lab received thousands of unusable supplies for COVID-19 testing, according to a South Carolina State Emergency Response Team spokesperson.

WMBF Investigates: The cost of fighting COVID-19 in South Carolina

As of June 1, DHEC has spent $13,374,865.71 from its Act 116 COVID-19 Response Account.

  Horry County seeing uptick in positive COVID-19 cases in younger people

Horry County has been seeing an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases in younger individuals, according to information from state health officials.

WMBF Investigates: Review of Grand Strand police departments’ policies on use of force following Trump’s executive order

WMBF News reached out to the county and city law enforcement agencies in Horry County to see what policies and guidelines those agencies already have in place.

  Wrong video conference help line routes to scammers

Incorrect tech support numbers posted on the internet lead to scammers trying to trick consumers into giving up their credit card information.

  Dozens of nursing homes cited for infection-related deficiencies early this year now have COVID-19 cases

An analysis of state nursing home inspections and records of COVID-19 infections associated with nursing homes by the Washington Post reveals dozens of facilities had infection-related violations in the months before coronavirus infections.

  ‘I won’t give COVID-19 the glory’: Horry County woman doesn’t understand why virus attacked her family

One Horry County family is in the middle of an ugly battle against COVID-19.

  Watching Your Wallet: Scammers found infiltrating legitimate job posting sites

Scammers are looking to take advantage of unemployed and furloughed workers looking for job online. They're even using common job search websites to target people.

  ‘Wiping us out’: Community leaders concerned about COVID-19 affecting black communities

New data released from the South Carolina Department of Department of Health and Environmental Control shows 36% of positive COVID-19 cases in the state are black.

  South Carolina ranks low for COVID-19 tests based on population

Despite an increase in testing in recent weeks, South Carolina still ranks in the bottom half of the country for COVID-19 tests performed based on population.

  WMBF Investigates: Multiple South Carolina counties lack general hospital beds

Eight counties across the state have no general hospital and a third of the state's counties report less than 100 general hospital beds, according to data on licensed health facilities by SCDHEC.

  Robocalls advertising fake coronavirus-related products and bogus deals

Robocalls have turned from the usual social security fraud scams to coronavirus-related messages. The FTC says some are peddling fake products, and others are looking to cash in on stimulus checks.

  Billions of dollars at stake for S.C. in 2020 census

More than 200 South Carolina municipalities are predicted to lose funding based on population decreases, according to the state's Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office.

Pharmacists: Doctors writing prescriptions for possible COVID-19 treatment at expense of chronically-ill patients

Lupus patients say they are unable to get refills of their hydroxychloroquine after the announcement of clinical trials to study the drug for possible coronavirus treatment. Pharmacists say some doctors are writing prescriptions for friends and family members.

  Emails show behind the scenes of how Myrtle Beach prepared for COVID-19

WMBF Investigates obtained emails between Myrtle Beach leaders that reveal discussions over coronavirus preparations.

  COVID-19 testing in S.C. increases by 1,000+ but true number of tests unknown

COVID-19 tests and confirmed cases increase dramatically but some people are still frustrated by unable to be tested despite symptoms.

  Unemployment claims increase across U.S. but impact to SC still unknown

States across America are reporting dramatic increases in unemployment claims filed days after many businesses were forced to shut down over COVID-19 concerns.

  Watching Your Wallet: Travel insurance likely won’t cover coronavirus-related cancellations

Travel insurance will cover cancellations in very limited situations, and pandemics aren't generally one of those. InvestigateTV looks at vacation refund policies.

  WMBF Investigates: S.C. lawmakers seek to protect future pool buyers

Multiple consumers across the Grand Strand and state have spent thousands of dollars for a pool project that was never finished, now some state lawmakers want to stop that.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

InvestigateTV is monitoring coronavirus COVID-19 cases around the country and updating information here frequently.

  Watching Your Wallet: With coronavirus causing market volatility, financial experts help you watch your nest egg

With coronavirus COVID-19 impacting the economy, financial experts give you ideas on how to focus on long-range planning.

  DHEC: 2,000 COVID-19 tests available in S.C. as virus spreads

As officials from across the United States point to the need for more coronavirus test kits, South Carolina officials report they have supplies to test 2,000 samples.

  Sanitized: Online listings for hand sanitizer, disinfectant advertise inflated prices

InvestigateTV finds hand sanitizer and wipes with majorly inflated prices; state attorneys general ask consumers to report price gouging.

  Congress takes up insurance rate discrimination

A House subcommittee is considering making changes to insurance laws to stop car insurance companies from basing rates on factors like credit scores.

  WMBF Investigates: Fact checking claims around the coronavirus

Wear a mask, shave your beard, the flu is deadlier...these are all things you may have heard about coronavirus, but how much is true and really keeps your family safe? WMBF sorts out facts from fiction.

  WMBF INVESTIGATES: Biden leads candidates in South Carolina donations

Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg raised the most money from individual donations in South Carolina.

  WMBF Investigates: Trapped in a timeshare

The couple has owned their timeshare for nearly 20 years and said they've run into multiple roadblocks, even lost money, in their attempts to get out of their timeshare contract.

  WMBF Investigates: Potholes costing drivers and state of S.C.

Potholes are more than just a bump in the road for South Carolina drivers; the road hazard can cause major damage to cars and injuries to drivers.

  Rate Discrimination: Some insurance companies give better rates for customers with certain jobs, education

Drivers with less education or jobs that typically pay less may face higher car insurance rates, according to an industry insider.

  It’s Your Money: Myrtle Beach continues spending to study downtown

The city employed a local company to study the current and future infrastructure needs in downtown before it goes forward with major plans.

  Patriot Penalty: Deployed service members come home to find higher auto insurance rates

Service members who cancel their car insurance to serve overseas may come back to find higher rate quotes after telling companies they didn't have coverage because of deployment.

MAP: Unexploded ordnances discovered in Horry County

Over the past few years, unexploded ordnances have been discovered across the Grand Strand and safely detonated.

  It’s Your Money: Hurricane damage costs South Carolina millions during last 6 months

The South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund reported paying around $6 million to more than 30 entities from July- December 2019 for hurricanes damages.

  Costly Care: Medicare charged hundreds more than drug’s cost at cash value

A man noticed his insurance paid all of one medication, but then he discovered the federal government was billed hundreds more than market value.

  'Shots fired, shots fired’: MBPD releases dashcam footage of deadly officer-involved shooting

The shooting on October 12, 2019 killed Matthew Graham, 32. The 15th Circuit Solicitor's office did not find the two Myrtle Beach officers guilty of any criminal wrongdoing.

  WMBF Investigates: Federal data shows opioid distribution on the decline, but S.C. still ranks high

Data from the first half of 2019 reveals some of the most commonly prescribed opioids decreased by 14% in South Carolina.