CCU reports over a dozen new COVID-19 cases among students

Coastal Carolina University reported additional COVID-19 cases on campus Friday morning.

  Consider This: Use common sense at bus stops

It has been a terrible week with the news of deadly accidents at school bus stops.

  Consider This: Myrtle Beach missing new trend by denying axe-throwing facility

I'm not sure I agree with the council's decision to not allow an axe-throwing facility in downtown.

  Consider This: Plastic bag ban was a positive decision

A plastic bag ban is now in effect in Surfside Beach.  What seemed to be a controversial decision when town leaders voted for the ban back in January is now a positive and successful decision that will hopefully be just the beginning. Several business owners were opposed to the ban, which is understandable. Change is hard.  But, it seems, the transition has been smooth, and the feedback is very positive from customers.

Consider This: Focus on public safety, downtown development moving Myrtle Beach in the right direction

Two great things are happening in Myrtle Beach that need to be recognized.

Consider This: Time for a change on Yaupon Drive

A fresh start is something many of us look forward to as we head into a new year.  It's a time when we set goals for ourselves professionally and personally to make us strive for more and become better in many different ways.

Consider This: Negativity toward the First Alert team was uncalled for

2018 is here and it came in with bitter bite for us!  With snow and ice such a rarity for South Carolina, it was a relief to see how everyone paid attention and prepared for the dangerous temperatures along with the freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow. However, what was not great to see were all the criticisms and negative comments about our local meteorologists and their forecasts for the snowfall totals.

Consider This: 2018 will be an important year for Myrtle Beach

City leaders and business owners met recently to discuss what should happen next in downtown Myrtle Beach.  The ideas are fantastic, ranging from providing more walkable areas, building upscale housing and shopping areas and of course, reducing crime and increasing safety in the area.

Consider This: County leaders should encourage, not stifle, growth in Carolina Forest

The growing pains of the Grand Strand have been focused on Carolina Forest lately…and the solutions are not good. Horry County leaders considered a moratorium on re-zonings in Carolina forest for residential construction projects because the infrastructure is not there to support more traffic.

WMBF News Assignment Manager gets to be 'Principal for a Day'

Gone are the days of rows and individual desks. The entire school experience is nothing like when I was a child.

Consider This: Food trucks a positive change for the area

What a long road it's been, but finally Myrtle Beach is getting food trucks. I am so happy so see that a few will be allowed to operate, even though it's on a trial basis.

Consider This: We're working to keep DirecTV viewers connected to our station

As viewers of WMBF News you know we are committed to providing you important news and information about issues that affect our neighborhoods and our communities…to provide life-saving weather warnings and to bring you your favorite NBC shows and live sports. More people get their news from local broadcasters, than from the national cable channels.

Consider This: Conway police survey gives you the chance to effect positive change

The Conway Police Department is has taken on a project that should benefit the entire community. But, they can't do it alone. The department is putting out a survey to find ways to improve their relationship with the community.

Consider This: Florence taking positive steps to improve the community

The city of Florence is working on a project that has so many benefits for residents and the community. It wants to bring a grocery store to an area that currently has no stores that offer fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy whole foods for people living nearby.

Consider This: School safety more important than a budget

The Horry County School board has made another bad decision.  This time…voting to remove Horry County Police officers from schools and replace them with private security guards. The reason: money. Until now the school district and the county have split the cost of the officers' salaries.

Consider This: City, police response to weekend violence showed good leadership

Consider This:  It could have been deja vu all over again, but thankfully it wasn't. City leaders responded quickly with a meeting asking for public comment and input.  And then, kept the discussion open instead of going into executive session.

  Consider This: Carolina Country Music Fest 2017 a success

The Carolina Country Music fest wrapped up on Sunday and while many people are still recovering from four days of incredible music and huge crowds…the reviews are stellar.  As the event continues to grow, organizers, city leaders and police continue to focus on how to make it better each year. And this year it was a success.

Consider This: Join us for the First Alert Hurricane Expo June 1

WMBF News and the First Alert Weather Team are dedicated to alerting you and tracking all of the developments during hurricane season, and we also want to make you, your family, your home and your businesses are prepared.

Consider This: Take time to honor our service members this Memorial Day

The preparation has been extensive and now we welcome bikers as they head to the Grand Strand for Bike Fest. The traffic loop is laid out, law enforcement, emergency responders, city leaders have a plan in place to keep everyone safe, and each year adjustments are made so that things that didn't work are corrected.

Consider This: Beach tent ban the right move for Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is now looking at a tent ban on the beach.  Horry County, North Myrtle and Myrtle Beach have had the tent ban in place for two years now and it has been a successful move. The beaches get so crowded during the summer...which is a great.  That's what we want to see along the Grand Strand and the tents had become a danger by blocking a line of vision and access for lifeguards and police officers.

Consider This: Rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew is difficult, but not optional

It's been 6 months since Hurricane Matthew slammed South Carolina and many businesses and residents are still on that long road to recovery. Two of the biggest issues that have gotten a lot of attention recently are The Surfside Pier and The Palace Theater. Both sustained massive damage and as of right now we don't know the future of either one.

Consider This: Conway's revitalization will take community support

A very exciting and promising idea is bubbling up from Conway.  Leaders revealed a plan to connect the downtown with the river walk. Conway city leaders say the goal is to have a thriving and vibrant downtown.  This new plan should do just that by connecting the two unique areas where people can enjoy recreation, restaurants and shops. I am excited to see this develop and glad to know the timeline to start implementing the plan is just a few weeks away.

  Consider This: In the age of sexting teens, parents have responsibility

We recently reported on an incident that involved local high school students and sexting. A 15-year old student sent out a request in a group text asking for nude photos.  Several students went to the school resource officer and that put a stop it. However, the teenager is now in trouble and it could have an impact on him for life…and could even land him on the sex offender registry.

Consider This: Mandatory school uniforms a positive step

The idea of uniforms in public schools is getting attention again in South Carolina with a bill that was pre-filed. While there are valid points to both sides of the debate, I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives, from reducing the incidents of bullying and eliminating dress code controversies to stopping the display of gang colors.

Consider This: Horry Co. Sheriff has important goals for 2017

The new year is off and running and many of us have set personal and professional goals for 2017. Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson shared with us what his plans are to make our community a better and safer place.

Consider This - Adopt an 'Angel' in need this holiday season

It's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just one week away starting off the Holiday season when so many of us get to be with family and celebrate all we have to be thankful for. But some people in our community have had struggles this year and need a little help.

  Consider This: Great things are happening along the Grand Strand

Great things are happening in our community and I want to make sure those accomplishments are recognized.

Consider This: Vote Yes on Ride 3

It is now time for action as we are less than one week away from heading to the polls.  As wild as the presidential election has been…and as much attention as it is getting…that's not what I want to focus on today. We have a very important issue in Horry County that needs your support….Ride 3.

  Consider This: Investigative reporting is a vital responsibility for WMBF News

WMBF News recently tested the area's tap water…after the story broke about the dangerous water in Flint, Michigan. A journalist broke the story of high levels of lead in Flint's water after residents complained of bad taste and water that burned their eyes.  A pediatrician noticed high levels in lead in her patients after the city water supply was switched to save money.

  Consider This: Unbelievable crimes need a strong community response

Two crimes happened this week in our communities that make you shake your head. Consider This:  The outrage on social media is evident, but that's not enough.  These are times when we can come together, connect and overcome the unexplainable actions of others.

  Consider This: Ridiculous, shameful tactics delaying International Drive project

The shameful tactics continue by the Coastal Conservation League over the paving of International Drive. And their latest response is the most ridiculous so far....and it's hard to believe that there is something more ridiculous than their demand for bear crossings.

  Consider This: Success of Florence Downtown revitalization shows leadership

With all of the recent tragedies and unexplained violence across our country, the world and in our communities, I want to focus on a bright spot that is making a huge positive impact…the revitalization of Downtown Florence. The area was once filled with crime and dilapidated buildings.  Now it is once again becoming the heartbeat of the city and winning awards for the progress.

  Consider This: Don't rush to judgment on social media

Over the past few weeks there have been several tragedies and scary situations involving children. Without knowing all of the circumstances people quickly criticize the parents, businesses, officials and whoever else they think is at fault. The internet – and especially social media –  is filled with inaccuracies.

  Consider This: WMBF News is cheering on CCU!

Another exciting time for us to rally behind Coastal Carolina University…this time it's the baseball team heading to the college world series. What an accomplishment by these athletes…  and their head coach, Gary Gilmore who has talked about going to Omaha since taking over the Chanticleer baseball program in 1996.

Consider This: Britranee Drexel case one of many unsolved crimes

The FBI released new information yesterday in the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel who vanished in 2009 from Myrtle Beach.  The investigation has revealed that she was in the McClellanville area for several days and was probably held against her will before she was killed. Now there is a $25,000 reward being offered for information that leads to the arrests of those who killed Brittanee.

  Consider This: Cherry Grove Dredging Project worth the cost

A major project along the Grand Strand is finally moving forward that should have happened years ago. The Cherry Grove dredging project now has the support and the money to begin with half of the funding coming from the city and the rest coming from property owners living on or nearby the canals. Homeowners will have to pay an annual fee of $2,400, but the increase in property values should more than make up for it.

  Consider This: RIDE III approval a move in the right direction

A great move by the Horry County Council this week as members unanimously approved the Ride III road building program. The plan includes 13 projects, along with paving some dirt roads…at a cost of $600 million.  It will be funded by a penny sales tax that would begin in May of next year. Some of the major projects include the extension of 31 to the North Carolina state line, widening Carolina Forest Boulevard and Forestbrook road.

  Consider This: Transgender bathroom debate bringing out the worst in people

The debate over bathroom use in Horry County Schools is bringing out the worst in people.  At issue is a policy that allows transgender people to use the bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.  Those who want this changed claim that is for the safety of the children.  Apparently, the concern is that transgender students are predators who will use the bathroom to find and attack their victims.

  Consider This: Help save a life at March for Babies walk this weekend

This weekend you have the opportunity to help save a life.  It's the March of Dimes, March for Babies event in Florence and once again, WMBF News is proud to partner with this organization. One in every 10 babies born in the US is born prematurely. We introduced you to a Florence couple who knows the struggle when a baby is born too soon.

  Consider This: Flawed process allowing environmental groups to stall projects needs a fix

There is an attempt to take action over the very flawed process that allows environmental groups to stall road projects in South Carolina. Senator Greg Hembree filed a bill that would require environmental groups to prove their case in order to postpone a road project. Right now, they have to file a letter and pay a filing fee to get a road project stalled. What is in place right now isn't working.

Consider This: Great things are happening at our community's schools

Great things are happening in the education systems in our communities.