Horry County Suspect Search

Suspect Search: Authorities say a Facebook call ended with a victim’s front door being knocked in

Authorities said one victim woke up to find herself in a life-threatening situation, and a second person claims a Facebook call ended with her front door being knocked off the hinges.

  Suspect Search: One suspect stole right from the register, another used his pants to cover up the crime

  Suspect Search: One accused of selling victim’s identity, another had evidence all over her face

  Suspect Search: Police say one suspect filled up then fled, another is accused of harassment

Suspects attempt to use ‘play money’ at Myrtle Beach McDonalds, police say

  Suspect Search: Man accused of punching woman, another suspect wanted for forgery

  Suspect Search: Robbery suspect on the run, another faces domestic violence charges

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  Suspect Search: Man accused of cashing a fraudulent check

  Suspect Search: Traffic stop for a suspended tag turns into more, police say

Horry County Police investigating after one shot, hurt Saturday near Myrtle Beach

Suspect Search: Two similar cases where words turn violent

Police: Man who grabbed 16-year-old on NMB shore arrested, charged with sexual assault

Suspect Search: Woman claims man broke his cast while beating her

Suspect Search: Police say man assaulted another on Coast RTA bus

Police are looking for a man they say assaulted someone on a bus.

  Suspect Search: Man accused of check fraud, another suspected of making good on a violent promise

The Horry County Police Department needs the community’s help finding two men.

  Suspect Search: A man accused of cutting a woman and another seen going through a victim’s dresser

Police are searching for a man accused of cutting a woman and another suspect who was seen rummaging through a woman's dresser drawer.

  Suspect Search: Authorities try to track down a suspected car thief and an absconder

A victim said she left her work vehicle in the driveway overnight, but when she woke up it was gone. Plus a judge gave the second suspect a break but authorities said she took advantage.

  Suspect Search: Storage facility burglary suspect and a man accused of not paying his cab fare

  Suspect Search: A woman charged with hit and run, another accused of shoplifting steaks

  Suspect Search: False identity results in a drug bust; makings of a great lunch but you have to pay for it

  Suspect Search: Stealing leads to a high-speed chase; another suspect’s tattoo may be his downfall

  Suspect Search: Alleged credit card thief goes on shopping spree, stalking suspect on the loose

  Suspect Search: Trio accused of trying to steal $4,000 four-wheeler

  Suspect Search: Fight lead to gunshots, search warrant uncovers alleged dog fighting

Authorities are trying to track down one man accused of firing gunshots at a victim and another is wanted for suspected dogfighting.

  Suspect Search: A party turns violent, and three times is ‘not’ the charm

Police said it was supposed to be a party until she threw punches and broke a victim’s nose. Plus third time’s a charm? Apparently not when you’re allegedly stealing televisions.

  Suspect Search: Wedding ends with a bloody nose; a camper taken from someone’s yard

Police said the day started at a wedding but ended in bloodshed. Plus, a victim said her camper was stolen right out of her yard.

  Suspect Search: Man accused of taking one-way U-Haul trip; woman wanted on check fraud charges

Police are on the hunt for a man who they said rented a U-Haul for a one-way trip but he just kept going and woman who went to the bank to cash a check but she didn’t have the check issuer’s permission.

  Suspect Search: Myrtle Beach police ask for help to track down 2 drug suspects

Police said an improperly placed license plate and a fight led to two separate drug busts, but now officers need the community’s help to find them after they failed to appear in court.

  Suspect Search: They failed to appear in drug court, now they’re wanted

The judge tried to cut them a break but authorities say they cut loose.

  Suspect Search: A suspected cheesecake thief and another accused in a unique shopping scam

Authorities said he wanted a cheesecake and he wanted money for items he just put into his cart. Now Myrtle Beach police want to bring them both to justice.

  Suspect Search: Woman requires stitches after being cut by glass; man allegedly threatens homeowners during repair work

Horry County police seeking man accused of domestic violence, another accused of assault and battery.

  Suspect Search: One wanted on domestic violence charges; another wanted for credit card theft, shoplifting

Two suspects, two different charges, each wanted by The Horry County Police Department. Let’s see if you can help authorities find them.

  Suspect Search: Dispute over cleaning the house turns violent; second suspect moved away, returned and broke into a former neighbor’s home

An argument over cleaning the house ends with allegations of serious violence against one man and police say a second suspect is charged with stealing from a former neighbor. Let’s see if you can help authorities find them.

  Suspect Search: Man charged with leading police on a high speed chase; Another man accused of assaulting a woman

A high-speed chase that includes a crash and a report of a second suspect who allegedly punched his victim after slamming her into a vanity. Let’s see if you can help authorities find them.

  Suspect Search:Two suspects, each charged with assault and battery and each are on the loose

An assault left his victim with staples in his head, plus take the money and run. Two suspects, each charged with Assault and Battery in the second degree and each is on the loose. Let’s see if you can help authorities.

Suspect Search: Man charged with assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct and woman charged with stealing baby formula

In this week's Suspect Search police is a man charged with assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct and woman who is said to have stolen baby formula from the store.

  Suspect Search: Shots fired call; police don’t buy the ‘I only had one beer’ story

Authorities said she got into a fight that got physical, and then shots rang out. Plus, one large beer? Investigators don’t buy it. Now he’s charged with DUI causing great bodily harm.

  Suspect Search: Thief wanted for stealing from a home, another accused of trying to take a surveillance camera

Horry County police are asking for the public's help in finding two suspects.

  Suspect Search: A father-son duo charged with beating a man and making death threats

A father and son are charged with beating a man and making death threats to make him leave the country, according to Horry County Police.

  Suspect Search: Two women each charged with neglect of a child and each on the loose

They’re both women charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

  Suspect Search: Two suspects charged with stealing cash and a phone a third with assault

Two suspects have been charged with entering a victim’s home, demanding cash and pills. Another is charged with assault. See if you know who and where they are.

  Suspect Search: Shoplifting charges lead to additional counts; One behind bars for four finger discount

A suspect was in court for shoplifting but racked up a whole host of other charges while he was there and a second suspect is charged with shoplifting after authorities say store employees caught on to his scheme.

  Suspect Search: Rental property pranks and a theft on campus

Police say one suspect promised his victim a place to rent and another is charged with stealing from a Coastal Carolina University building and a vehicle on campus.

  Suspect Search: One charged with stealing baby formula, two for a mob style fight

One suspect is charged with stealing baby formula from two different stores, while two others are charged with assault and battery by mob. Three suspects are on the loose and authorities hope you can help track them down.

Police say suspect on stolen motorcycle led officers on chase reaching 130 mph

A Conway man is facing charges after leading police on a chase reaching speeds of 130 miles-per-hour on a stolen motorcycle.

  Suspect Search: One is charged with stealing purses, another with assault and battery

She's charged with shoplifting and getting away with quite the loot. He's charged with assault and battery in the first, second and third degree. Two suspects are on the loose, let's see if you can help authorities catch them.

  SUSPECT SEARCH: One is charged with hiding crack in her bra, another with hit-and-run

Two women are on the loose this week.  Police say one hid crack in her bra while in the presence of her two children. The second suspect is charged with a hit-and-run with damage and unlawful use of a phone. Here's your chance to help authorities.

  SUSPECT SEARCH: One allegedly stole cash, the other is charged with stealing guns

They're both charged with burglary. One suspect is accused of stealing cash, while a second is charged with stealing guns. See if you can help authorities find this week's suspects.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One is charged with manufacturing meth, another is facing domestic violence charges

A traffic stop on a moped leads to a whole lot more, plus she's charged with hitting her suspect in the nose twice.  See if you can help authorities find them.

  Suspect Search: One man is charged following a fight, another is accused of receiving stolen goods

One suspect is charged with roughing up his victim because he thought that victim stole some of his drugs. A second suspect was hired as a handyman, but the victim says the suspect's hands were used for stealing his personal momentos. See if you can help authorities track them down.

Suspect Search: Authorities on the hunt for two men wanted for unlawful possession, battery

On this week's Horry County Suspect Search, one suspect is wanted for assault and Battery, and the other is wanted for unlawful carrying of a gun. The Horry County Sheriff's Office needs the public's help in tracking them down.

Suspect Search: On the hunt for two shoplifting suspects

They want the goods but don't want to pay the price. Check out these shoplifters on the run in this week's Horry County Suspect Search.

Horry County Suspect Search seeks suspects wanted for various charges

Three suspects are being featured in this week's Horry County Suspect Search.