Eric Weisfeld

Eric Weisfeld

Evening Anchor

Packing up and moving to Myrtle Beach in March of 2016 was a short trip for Eric Weisfeld. Having previously spent five years as the weeknight Anchor at a station in Columbia, SC, Eric felt it was time to head to the beach and the professional team at WMBF News provided the logical fit.

Eric’s career began about 25 years ago in the small town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He was hired as a producer at WWAG (TV-43) and ultimately became the station’s main evening anchor. It was during his tenure as anchor there that the station received the award “Best Low Power Station in the Country.”

Next it was off to Evansville, Indiana where Eric anchored the news at WEHT. He then spent a few years at a station in Raleigh, North Carolina (WLFL) where he served as an anchor and also launched the investigative unit. He produced and hosted a documentary about troubled youth (“Scared Straight in the Triangle”) that received an Edward R. Murrow Regional Award. He was first introduced to hurricanes while in North Carolina, covering Hurricane Bonnie from the Outer Banks.

Eric was fortunate enough to return to his hometown of Indianapolis in 2000 where for seven years he anchored the news and was an investigative reporter at RTV6. It was during his stint in Indy that he spent weeks in New York following the September 11 terror attacks. In fact, he was the first Indy anchor to report live from New York City the morning following the attacks.

Eric also anchored the news in sunny Southwest Florida where he woke viewers up at WBBH and WZVN (sister stations) in Fort Myers.

Eric graduated from Indiana University’s School of Journalism with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Speech Communications.

When Eric is not anchoring the news you’ll probably find him renovating his home, or exploring the area’s amazing beaches.

“I am honored to be a part of the WMBF News team that brings you live, local, late breaking news each and every day,” Eric says.

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