New pictures obtained show moments before, after deadly Longs shooting

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 5:50 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 20, 2023 at 6:04 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – WMBF News obtained pictures of the two trucks involved in a deadly shooting in the Longs area.

A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed the pictures we received show the two trucks before and after the shooting on Saturday, Sept. 9 at the intersection of Camp Swamp Road and Highway 9.

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Three of the pictures show the back of the black Chevrolet truck, and on the driver’s side, there is a person holding a gun out of the window.

A police report indicates that 33-year-old Scott Spivey was the driver of the black truck. The coroner’s office said that Spivey died in the shooting.

There are three other pictures showing the inside and outside of the white Dodge TRX truck, where bullet holes can be seen in the truck’s windshield on the driver’s and passenger’s sides.

One of the pictures shows the black Chevrolet truck as it is parked, and there are, what appear to be, several bullet holes in the tailgate of the truck.


A police report obtained by WMBF News states that the driver of the white truck told officers that Spivey jumped out of his truck and started shooting.

The driver of the white truck said that he then fired back.

According to the incident report, the driver of the black truck was found hunched over the center console with a gun under his hand, with no signs of movement or life.

The incident redacts the name of the driver of the white truck.

But in a letter to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson confirmed the deadly shooting involved Spivey and Weldon Boyd, who is the owner of Buoys on the Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach.

Also in the letter, Richardson revealed that the State Law Enforcement Division was requested by the Horry County Police Department to help in the investigation.

One of the reasons that SLED was asked to help is because, according to the letter, Boyd posted on Facebook, thanking police and the solicitor’s office for their hard work in the case.

Richardson said before and after the Facebook post, he received several calls from community leaders with questions about the case. He added that there have been rumors surrounding the investigation.

“I do not see a conflict; however, I never want to be in a position where there is an appearance of impropriety,” Richardson wrote, “Therefore, I am requesting you to consider reviewing HCPD and SLED’s work to determine if charges should be made.”

At this point, no arrests or charges have been filed in the case.

Boyd’s attorney, Ken Moss, released this statement to WMBF News about the investigation:

“False narratives are harmful to the Boyd family and the Spivey family. They are getting in the way of law enforcement’s investigation on these events. Anyone having credible information about these events should contact law enforcement. We have reason to believe that there are city officials in North Myrtle Beach contributing to the false narratives.”