Conway City Council defers 1,700 acre housing development proposal

Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 8:57 PM EDT
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CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - The community will have to wait a little longer to learn the fate of a controversial housing development proposed in Conway.

The Warden Station Tract project is a proposal to develop over 1,700 acres near Highway 701 and South and Pitch Landing Road into housing. To put the project size into perspective, that’s nearly 1,300 football fields of space.

The development will include a variety of living spaces on the land, ranging from townhomes to multi-family homes.

The community has been vocal about the possible expansion. Some people are excited, but other community members said the city doesn’t have the infrastructure to support more people.

During Monday’s city council meeting, several people brought up concerns like flooding and traffic.

One Conway resident of over 50 years, Tammy Martin said she’s seen the area change a lot. One of her biggest concerns is how the roads will support so many new people.

“They are going to have to have bigger roads,” said Martin. “More roads, because the roads are just so jammed now with people getting to work, to school, it’s horrible.”

The idea has faced backlash at previous workshops when Conway homeowners claimed the residential project would clear out important local wetlands.

However, the project’s developers claim Conway will miss out on millions of dollars if they don’t start building soon.

A representative for G3 Engineering on the project, Felix Pitts said regardless of how the council votes, the land will eventually be developed.

“The question we’ve got to ask ourselves is when not if this property is developed over 25 years and the city of Conway doesn’t have the opportunity to control our destiny, what are we leaving on the table?” said Pitts.

The city council deferred the plans today and is taking more time to learn about the project.

There is no set timeline on when the City Council will bring a vote for the proposal back to their agenda.