Horry County Schools principal shares back-to-school tips for parents

Published: Aug. 10, 2023 at 6:39 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Parents, students and staff are preparing for Horry County Schools’ first day on Aug. 21. For teachers, preparing for the first day of school is a process.

“The building’s been abuzz for a while, and so they are busy thinking of every single detail,” said Waccamaw Elementary School principal Leslie Huggins. “There is not anything that they leave untouched.”

And it’s not just teachers -- Huggins knows parents have a lot on their plates this time of year, too. The additional stress can cause anxiety, but she said communication is key.

“If they know their child is afraid of something, nervous about something, and we can know that ahead of time, we can work with school counselors to support them...we can help you,” she said.

But, Huggins said communicating with your child about how they may be feeling about the transition is also important.

“They may not volunteer their fears, so ask them, and let them talk about it, and validate their fears, don’t just brush them off,” said Huggins.

Huggins said to help those first-day-of-school jitters, getting into a routine early helps, so kids and parents feel more prepared, whether that means new wake-up times or eating meals faster.

“Routine is definitely the key to survival through the school year,” said Huggins.

And, staff want parents to feel just as welcome at the school as their kids do.

“School is a place for them, too. School is just as much of an extension of the community for them as it is for their kids,” said Huggins. “So, visit your child’s school, get to know your child’s teacher, get to know the staff in the office so that you can connect and you feel a part.”

As parents prepare for back-to-school, you can visit the back-to-school section of the WMBF News website for helpful information.