Conway starts wastewater flooding projects after two year delay

The city of Conway wants to make sure you don’t have raw sewage floating in your yards next time we see down pouring rain.
Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 7:41 AM EDT
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CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - The city of Conway wants to make sure you don’t have raw sewage floating in your yards next time we see pouring rain.

The city received a $6 million grant from the Economic Development Administration back in February 2021 for wastewater infrastructure upgrades; however, supply chain issues put a pause on the projects.

Now, two years later, you will begin to see large equipment along Highway 501 as crews work to help prevent wastewater flooding.

Construction is already happening at Crab Tree Pump Station near Mill Pond Road.

Crews are upgrading the sewer lines there because they are small and outdated which causes sewage to mix in with stormwater when it floods.

The plan is to increase the size of the line and the lift station itself to help prevent overflowing.

Part two of the project includes building a brand-new lift station off Church Street in the Park Hill area.

Right now, the Crab Tree Pump Station takes in wastewater from Loris, Aynor and parts of North Myrtle Beach, so the new lift station will take in portions of water that currently goes into Crab Tree Pump Station.

City spokesperson, June Wood, said the projects will help residents who have dealt with wastewater flooding issues for years.

“One of the worst parts of not only experiencing flooding like that is having raw sewage floating through your yards and in the homes that you love so dearly. So, these upgrades are going to help eliminate things like that,” said Wood.

Wood said the upgrades will also benefit new businesses looking to set down roots in the area.

“It’ll be attractive to new businesses to know there’s an upgraded line and it’s not something they need to think about whenever they’re installing their systems for their new business. So, it has a great upside for any new businesses along that 501 corridor in that area,” said Wood.

She said the projects will not cause any traffic delays and is expected to be completed in a year or two.