‘A never-ending nightmare with a happy ending’: Horry County family speaks out after hit-and-run

Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 8:39 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Ashlie Ferris was driving back home in February 2022 from her parents, John and Carrie’s house, when another car collided with her on the driver’s side and changed her life forever.

Her father said his 20-year-old daughter was traveling on Highway 31 when somebody hit Ashlie in the side and pushed her into a guard rail, taking out five posts.

“They said that she probably lost consciousness and she might’ve had a seizure then, but they don’t know for sure but then she was taken to the hospital by squad,” John said.

The Ferris’ said doctors initially diagnosed Ashlie with a concussion, but after seven weeks of constant headaches, she had her first seizure.

After several more seizures within weeks at a time, her parents took her to see a neurologist.

They said, the very next day, Ashlie suffered a 20-minute-long seizure, went into cardiac arrest, and didn’t have enough oxygen getting into her bloodstream.

Her parents said Ashlie spent over 40 days in the ICU at MUSC in Florence. They said medical professionals declared her brain dead, gave her only four hours to live, and brought in an organ donor.

Her father said she was on every type of life-support possible.

However, the neurologist told them if they waited, there was a small chance the outcome could be positive. So, they decided to wait.

Little by little Ashlie showed signs of improvement. It all started in the car with her mom, Carrie.

“All of a sudden she sticks her hand out then, the other one out. It was just the little thing because they said she was brain-dead. They said she would never do that so that was the start, and then the singing I mean when we got to the singing part, that put me in tears because I didn’t expect it,” Carrie said.

Ever since then, John and Carrie said, Ashlie has continuously made recovery.

They said to this day they still don’t know who the person who hit their daughter is, but hold on to the fact that she is getting better.

WMBF News has reached out to the South Carolina Highway Patrol to learn more about Ashlie’s investigation and where it currently stands.

Check back with WMBF News for updates.