‘Fix the problem or shut down’: Overflow of trash spills into 2023 for Horry County residents using private trash service

Published: Jan. 3, 2023 at 10:16 PM EST
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LONGS, S.C. (WMBF) - A smelly build-up is frustrating several Horry County neighbors, all waiting for their trash to be picked up by a private company.

Dozens of people who live all the way from Longs to North Myrtle Beach depend on GG&G Garbage Services, but customers told WMBF News the private trash service has not been consistent.

Corina Fletcher has used the service for almost a year but says the company’s services aren’t meeting her where her money is. Fletcher shared how she was met with discrepancies after speaking to the business.

“Oh, our trucks are broke down, oh I’m short-staffed,” she said. “Then when you kind of start threatening them they’ll show up with a trailer, and a truck, or a U-Haul and load up your trash. So it’s disheartening because I paid for a full year of service.”

John Stewart, another resident of Longs, shared how it was a sight for sore eyes, while the new year is being welcomed in, meanwhile the trash buildup is not.

“It’s frustrating, to go out into the street and see the garbage still in the can day after day,” said Stewart.

“99% of the time I’ve had to call, ask them when they’re going to come get my trash, said Fletcher,” a resident of Longs said.

Supporting a local business is something residents said they value.

According to Fletcher, the company is supposed to complete service every Monday.

She first signed up last February, but just two months into signing up, she saw things change.

Fletcher’s trash now hasn’t been picked up in almost 3 weeks.

“And that was one reason, I’m driving around, I see the sign ‘GG&G trash local pickup’ and I was like, oh! heck yeah, let me call them and see how much it is, it was a great price you know they seemed really friendly first time on the phone, and then it’s just been a horrible service the whole entire year,” said Fletcher.

As for Stewart, he told WMBF News the business was going through a tough time.

“Looks like they’re struggling,” said Stewart. “They’ve apparently had a lot of turnovers in their crews and so forth.”

For some customers wanting to cancel services or want an explanation for delays,

WMBF News tried multiple times to contact the business owners via phone and in person.

We’ve all yet to hear back. Stewart lives off Zoe Court of Longs, which is an unincorporated part of Horry County.

After recently talking with the company, he learned there are changes being made to the services due to short staff. Stewart said he was also told the company had a wreck.

“Christmas Eve, we got an e-mail that all of a sudden we’re going to two-week service, every other week, and our refund or the credit would be applied to part of the pickup,” said Stewart.

“That’s not what I paid for,” said Fletcher. “My contract says a weekly service, so why are you now changing it right before my contract is up to now I’m going to take it every two weeks. But honestly, the company needs to fix the problem or shut down because if you’re not going to provide the service and you’re going ruin our community and let our trash pile up everywhere why should we pay you a service if you’re not going to provide it.”