‘New body, new you’: Gyms across Grand Strand see influx of new clients

Published: Jan. 2, 2023 at 5:58 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - After ringing in 2023, many people in the Grand Strand hit the gym on January 1 to kickstart their New Year’s resolution.

At Core Fitness Club in Myrtle Beach, the gym has prepared its employees for the wave of new members expected to join in the coming weeks.

“You always see an influx of people coming in, eager to start off the new year with a new body and new you, but not everyone sticks with their New Year’s resolution. We do have those that dwindle off but they always come back,” said gym instructor Meghan Jonhson.

Sticking to a workout routine is one of the most common goals to kickstart a new year.

The Statista Global Consumer Survey polled adults between 18 to 89 on their New Year’s resolutions. Out of 400 responses, more than half said they want to exercise more and eat healthier.

For Julie Lovett, going to the gym means maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite her age.

“I am old and I have to keep my body fit. It’s in the breakdown period so therefore I need to train for health mentally and physically,” said Lovett.

However, the challenge isn’t starting the goal but maintaining it. Debbie Greenstein said following through with her gym lifestyle was thanks to the help of the community. It was the push she needed to keep up her habit for 4 years.

“It’s definitely important because you need that support. There’s many days you don’t feel like coming but once you get in here and you see somebody else that feels the same but you plow through together then you know you had a good day and this is where you should have been,” said Greenstein.

Trainers at the gym said New Year’s resolution or not, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority for everyone.

“You can be the richest person in the world and if you lose your health you got nothing,” said the general manager for Core Fitness Club, Wynn Greer. “If I lose my health then what do I got? So it’s at the top of the list of what you can do to better your life.”

Trainers said that their busy season could continue until mid-February so they encourage people to continue to push through until the finish line.