South Carolina issues over 1.3 million tax rebates to taxpayers

(Source: Pexels)
Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 10:56 AM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – The South Carolina Department of Revenue announced it has finished issuing tax rebates to South Carolinians who qualified.

Taxpayers who filed a 2021 S.C. Individual Tax return by October 17 were eligible for the rebate.

The SCDOR said it issued over 1.3 million rebates over the last four weeks which totaled over $942 million.

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“I’m pleased to announce that all of the eligible rebates in the first group are complete, and we have successfully issued more than 1.39 million rebates just in time for Christmas,” said SCDOR Director Hartley Powell. “I am extremely grateful to our SCDOR employees and our partners at the State Treasurer’s Office who helped complete this enormous task on time and in smooth fashion.”

Most rebates were deposited into banking accounts unless a taxpayer notified the SCDOR of changes to their banking information.

If you filed by Oct. 17 and haven’t received a rebate yet, here’s what you’ll need to check:

  • Be sure you had a tax liability. If you didn’t, you aren’t eligible for a rebate.
  • Check the status of your rebate online! Visit to get started. You’ll need your SSN or ITIN and line 10 from your 2021 SC Individual Income Tax Return (SC1040).
  • If you haven’t received your rebate and the online tool shows that it was issued, allow 30 days after the issued date, then complete and submit the SC3911, Individual Income Tax Refund Tracer.
  • Taxpayers who have not yet received their rebate check due to a change of address should still complete and submit the SC8822I, Change of Address for Individuals.

Eligible taxpayers who filed or will file their 2021 Individual Income Tax return between Oct. 18, 2022 and Feb. 15, 2023 will receive their rebate in March 2023.