Extra Point Preview: Aynor Blue Jackets

The team that scored over 50 points in three games last year is ready to open their season at home against Wilson.
Aynor Blue Jackers
Aynor Blue Jackers(.)
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 3:08 PM EDT
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AYNOR, S.C. (WMBF) - The Aynor Blue Jackets are coming off a 7-2 season and as they enter the 2022 season, the team knows what they need to work on.

“Just stay disciplined and everybody does their job, said so read your keys,” said senior running back and linebacker Ashton Hucks.

The team that scored over 50 points in three games last year also know where their strength lies.

“Our teamwork, the ability to work together, preparing for the next team,” senior wing and linebacker Gavin Kirby. “We do have a strong brotherhood.”

It’s been nose to the ground for Aynor’s football program as they look to once again, make a playoff run.

“You don’t design an offense you want to run, you design when that works with what you got,” said head Coach Jason Allen. Your clientele. We are blessed with our version of athleticism which is a bunch of good kids that are strong. They are physical. We’re not as physical as we need to be right now, but we feel like that’s what we hang our hat on. We kind of have a team philosophy that nobody’s the man. Our quarterback blocks just as much as a fullback

Aynor opens up a tough schedule against Wilson in a few weeks.

Their led by Allen and in his last five years, he’s yet to see his team play in all 10 games of the regular season. He hopes that changes this year.

“We hope to watch them fully mature throughout a full season.”

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