‘It’s just a very good blessing:’ Pastor pays for gas giveaway in Fairmont

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 7:51 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 28, 2022 at 8:09 PM EDT
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FAIRMONT, N.C. (WMBF) - Residents in Fairmont had the chance to receive free gas on Thursday - and it was all thanks to a local pastor.

Jerrod Moultrie, senior pastor of Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, said he simply wants to spark positive change in Fairmont.

“I’m hoping that people can see the model of my life that you can make a mistake,” he said. “But you can change your life around and do the right thing.”

Moultrie wanted to do just that and pay it forward for the community on Thursday, one gas tank at a time.

“People as a whole, they’re going through right now,” he said. “Particularly with these high gas prices. If people are hungry they are going to eat, whether it’s robbing, stealing or burglarizing. We’re hoping that by giving back to the community...it will cause some of the crime rate to be reduced a little bit.”

Moultrie also explained that although he lives in Florence, he comes to Fairmont often and was inspired to help.

“When I drive through this community and see the condition of it, it bothers me,” he said. “I don’t even live here, but what affects my people affects me.”

From word of mouth and social media, Moultrie and his team announced a gas giveaway for folks in Fairmont.

By Thursday morning, they put around $2,000 across several pumps.

“My mom called me and said the pastor was giving out free gas,” said Casey McKinnon, who lives in Fairmont. “It means a lot. Especially in the community of Fairmont.”

Other residents said the generosity came at just the right time.

“It helped me get from A to B to C,” said Sheryl Walters, a Fairmont resident. “It’s just a very good blessing. I don’t have to worry about getting it out the bank account.”

“The way inflation is and prices rising with food and everything else, so in this small community, it means a lot that they’re giving back in this type of way,” added Vanessa McNair, a fellow resident.

Moultrie plans to host a sneaker and T-shirt event in two weeks as kids head back to school and also plans to give $1,000 to a family in need.

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