Horry County school district budget could include coaching supplement increases

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Published: May. 10, 2022 at 6:46 AM EDT
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Story courtesy of our news partners, MyHorryNews

Horry County Schools could add more than $1 million to next year’s budget to boost the pay of local coaches.

The proposal stems from an effort to make the district more competitive with its peers, HCS District Athletics Director Jason Cox said.

“We feel it’s a good increase for our coaches,” he said. “We hope to retain and also attract.”

The supplement increase would take place over the course of four years: just over a million this coming year, then $1.2 million the following, $1.3 million after that, finishing with a final amount of about $800,000 to get the district where it needs to be.

During the second year of the increase, Cox said the district would be increasing the number of coaching positions. They plan to add assistant coaches to varsity and junior varsity teams and add middle school programs.

“We’re adding middle school programs to have some feeder programs for our varsity sports,” Cox said.

The plan is to slowly phase in the middle school sports each year, so as not to overload the schools.

The analysis of coaching supplements consisted of a survey comparing 31 districts. While this plan won’t get HCS “to the top,” Cox said it could get the district close and make the district competitive.

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