‘We need to isolate Russia economically in totality’ Rep. Mace returns from Poland

Mace flew back from her trip with the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on Sunday night.
Mace flew back from her trip with the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on Sunday night.(Live 5)
Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 12:04 AM EDT|Updated: Mar. 21, 2022 at 4:13 AM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - After spending 48 hours in Poland to see the refuge crises from the war in Ukraine, South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace is calling for stronger sanctions on Russia.

Mace flew back from her trip with the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Sunday night.

At the Charleston International Airport, Mace said Poland has welcomed over 2 million refugees from Ukraine. She said she gets emotional thinking about their situation.

“I was in tears because there were many kids in these facilities,” Mace said. “And to think that they, they just came out of this war-torn country. They’re not in school. The PTSD that those children and their parents are gonna have to deal with. It’s very devastating.”

After speaking on the new perspective seeing the devastation in person provided, Mace called for more sanctions against Russia.

“We need to isolate Russia economically in totality, and that means really focusing in on the people that are closest to him,” Mace said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “No Russian bank should be part of the Swiss banking system, get him out of there, and swift as well, but really isolate them. We should ensure that, and in talking with other leaders around the world, that Russia isn’t gonna be propped up by Venezuela or Iran or China or other places that could help fund Putin’s and wars.”

Mace said many don’t think the war is impacting people in the U.S. However, she said that’s not the case.

“I talked to a small business owner last week who imports stone here to the Lowcountry and they use lumber on their pallets made in Ukraine; so there, our lumber exports are going to be affected,” Mace said. “...It is going to impact our supply chain. We’ve gotta be thinking forward. How are we going to handle this when it really hits home.”

A chip shortage and the Russian oil and gas ban are further proof of impacts here in the states, according to Mace. The representative says 90% of the world’s neon used in phones, computers and other devices comes from Ukraine.

Later Mace spoke on how the U.S. has responded to the war. She said the U.S. has done a good job of getting defense equipment and supporting Ukraine.

“We don’t want World War III,” Mace said. “So we have to really thoughtful about when we make a decision to be supportive. What does that mean, both intended and unintended consequences. And I know in talking with the Lowcountry and being out there in the community now everyone’s really focused on the humanitarian side of it and what they can do to be helpful.’”

10 million Ukrainians have been displaced, Mace said.

When asked if there are any plans to return to Poland, Mace said she would like to at some point.

The White House announced that President Joe Biden will be taking a trip to Poland this week.

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