Georgetown adds tethering to their animal cruelty ordinance

Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 4:49 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 18, 2022 at 6:09 PM EDT
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GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCSC) - Georgetown City Council passed the first reading of a proposed ordinance that would make tying up an animal with a rope or chain outside unlawful.

Sallie Parker, a Georgetown citizen, wrote a petition and got signatures from the community in support of her proposal. She says over the 16 years she has been in Georgetown, the issue has gotten worse.

“I would see them tethered for two years at a time,” Parker said. “I kept going back to see if they were still there, and they were, and that really bothered me. I would go to the humane society, and they would say there’s nothing they could do.”

Georgetown Mayor Carol Jayroe says the city always had an ordinance against animal cruelty. When Parker presented the council with her proposal, they were quick to support her.

If an owner is found not following the ordinance, they’ll be given a warning the first occurrence and then fined.

Parker hopes this ordinance will get dogs off the chain and will keep them together with their owners.

Jayroe says she’s confident the council will pass the second reading next month.

The additions to the ordinance are stated below:

  • Tethering: It shall be unlawful for a responsible party to tether an animal outdoors, except under the following conditions:
  • 1. The animal must be over the age of six months;
  • 2. The animal is not sick or injured;
  • 3. The animal is in reasonable sight of the responsible party;
  • 4. The animal is not tethered at night, and is not tethered for more
  • 5. The animal is tethered so as to prevent injury, strangulation, or entanglement, and no tether used for an animal may be a metal chain with links greater than 4.0mm thick, and not more than 72 inches in total length, the use of choker-chain collars to tether any animal is prohibited;
  • 6. The animal is not outside during dangerous weather conditions, extreme heat, or temperatures below 36 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • 7. The animal has access to food, water, and shelter which includes a roof structure;
  • 8. The animal is not tethered where any object may interfere or impede free movement of the tether;
  • 9. The animal is not tethered on any property with an unoccupied dwelling to include, but not limited to abandoned or condemned buildings.
  • 10. Any pulley, running line or trolley system to which the tether is attached shall be no less than fifteen feet in length and no more than seven feet above ground.

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