Myrtle Beach residents express concerns about rising gas prices amid Ukraine crisis

Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 5:23 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Nearly a dozen Myrtle Beach drivers told WMBF News on Friday that they’re deeply concerned about seeing fuel costs continuing to rise.

This comes at a time when gas experts said you’ll have to shell out more money at the pump, due to the current crisis in Europe. Some even said the average cost for regular gas could possibly inch closer to $4 a gallon.

It is why many neighbors are even more concerned about how far they’ll have to dig into their pockets next.

Several Myrtle Beach residents said they’re having a difficult time finding prices lower than $3 a gallon, which many aren’t too excited about it.

“They are definitely going up,” said resident Alicia Tillman.”

“Higher than what it was last year,” said driver Michael Fife.

Rowen Passigli said overall, she’s seeing a slight increase in fuel prices. But it still has her concerned about high the costs could go.

“How much higher is this going to get,” Passigli said. “It used to be around $2.95 a gallon. Now it is $3. I’ve seen a couple of places where it’s like 3.19 a gallon.”

Best friends Brittany Parks and Caroline Davis said there’s no denying it, the gas is getting a bit costly.

“Way up,” Davis said. “It’s scary.”

“It’s too high,” Parks said.

Resident Byron Pointer said he’s also seeing a noticeable difference at the pump.

“It doesn’t phase me but it’s different from store to store,” Pointer said. “It’s not a good thing.”

Alicia Tillman said during these times, it’s hard for many families to come up with the extra dollars. She’s hoping the rise in prices, eventually, comes to an end soon.

“Worried to see how people are going to make it through and stuff. I’m worried about the rest of us out here that are normal and have to deal with these prices. Food is going up. So it’s a little worrisome with the gas. A little tough when they don’t come up with the extra pay. Where are we going to be next year?” Tillman questioned.

An expert at Gasbuddy said although gas prices will likely continue rising, he predicts costs in Myrtle Beach will not reach the $4 per gallon mark.

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