Police monitor trucker convoys planned for D.C.

Truckers involved in convoy
Truckers involved in convoy(Dave Leval)
Published: Feb. 21, 2022 at 8:27 PM EST
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(NBC) - Law enforcement agencies in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. are monitoring what could be a number of trucker convoys coming to D.C.

Truckers apparently spurred on by the recent protests in Canada want their voices heard, but the extent of the protests and how disruptive they may be is still unclear.

Maryland State Police said they are aware of threats by truckers to clog up the roads and shut down the Beltway, but there have been no specifics.

In a statement, state police said, “Troopers around the region are working with federal, state and local agencies to monitor developments … and will be ready to respond appropriately … to ensure the free flow of traffic.”

Bob Bolus is leading a fleet of truckers from Pennsylvania to Washington. He said the aim is to shutdown the Capital Beltway and likened the end goal to “a giant boa constrictor that squeezes, chokes and swallows.”

Online, the movement is decentralized, with a variety of organizations planning different driving routes and arrival times in D.C.

Authorities in D.C. are preparing for possible disruptions to the State of the Union address on March 1, though some of the trucker groups are aiming to arrive after that date. Other groups appear to be planning to arrive this week.

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