COVID-19 surge brings frustrations due to delays with testing sites, results

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 5:20 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - The Omicron variant and holidays has led to a surge in people wanting to get tested for COVID-19, leading to delays at testing sites and with test results.

DHEC released a statement saying due to the increased demand in COVID-19 testing, there have been a large group of people who have had to wait several days for their test results.

Raellen Jones is one of those people. She got tested at a site operated by Impact Health near the Myrtle Beach International Airport. Jones waited approximately two hours to get tested. About a week has passed by, and Jones still has not received her test results.

That’s a week Jones cannot visit her family, including her grandson.

“The time I got tested, I wanted to know if I was safe to go see my grandchild and he is only two, so I didn’t want to take any viruses to him,” said Jones.

She tried calling and emailing the phone number provided but all her attempts led to dead ends.

“It’s hard to not to see the little guy. It’s breaking my heart,” said Jones “How do you explain to your two-year-old why grandma isn’t there? You know it’s hard.”

At the testing site, a group of front-line workers has been working hard to keep the line moving. On Monday, the testing site doubled up on staff to move people through quickly.

“We are extra staff we are getting more help. I think we have like seven or eight people helping to register people and get the lines moving,” said Elissya Tucker, who is a registered COVID-19 tester.

The MYR testing site served over 250 cars. Workers said the best way to keep the line shorter is to register before getting in the line. It takes them around 10 minutes to just register a family.

“You guys can register before you guys get here and that helps speed up the line tremendously,” said Tucker.

DHEC mentioned that they are working to get test results back. In the meantime, they encourage everyone to get their vaccine and booster shots to prevent any COVID spreads.

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