Tidal Creek Brewhouse launches new beer to help fight discrimination in industry

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 5:20 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Tidal Creek Brewhouse is taking a step forward in fighting discrimination within its own industry by making a new beer called Brave Noise.

The beer is part of a national campaign that focuses on conversations addressing racism, sexism and misogyny within the beer industry and hospitality industry as a whole.

“I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that didn’t support something like this because it’s important to me. As a female in the industry I haven’t always been treated fairly, so this is an important topic. It’s something that I’m glad we can share together and work through, and be a team about it,” said lead female brewer Jordan Skeen.

Skeen said women make up a small number of brewers, and that she and other females often receive negative attention and face discrimination.

The owner of Tidal Creek, Dara Sawscuk, said Taylor Garrity, the lead bartender at Tidal Creek is the reason the brewery is now part of the Brave Noise campaign.

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Garrity first heard of the campaign in 2021 from Brienne Allen, a brewer in Massachusetts. Allen posted on Instagram asking if anyone had ever experienced sexism in the beer industry. That led people to share stories about the discrimination they faced at work, causing Allen to start this campaign.

Garrity told her boss and co-workers, many of which are female, about the campaign. Everyone supported it and worked together to kick it off at Tidal Creek.

“It’s pretty cool because I do advocate for everyone, so to know that the place I work at really stands behind me, that just means more than the world to me, so it’s really nice,” said Garrity.

Brave Noise workers provided a recipe for the beer, and brewers at Tidal Creek slightly modified it, calling it a true collaboration.

There are several requirements to be part of the collaboration. Bars have to put together a code of conduct and provide a “safe word” that customers and employees can use to seek help.

To be part of the Brave Noise campaign, bars have to put together a code of conduct and provide...
To be part of the Brave Noise campaign, bars have to put together a code of conduct and provide a "safe word" that customers and employees can use to seek help.(wmbf)

Sawscuk said she wants to bring these conversations to the forefront of the industry, and create a safe and welcoming environment for her employees and customers.

“We have so many females here on staff and we just want them to know that we stand behind them and we support them in their endeavor in this craft industry,” said Sawscuk

Tidal Creek welcomes you to come down and try their Brave Noise hazy pale ale in a couple of weeks when it’s done brewing. Proceeds from the campaign will be donated to Another Round, Another Rally – a nonprofit helping people in the service industry.

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