Siblings enjoy first Christmas together for the first time in over 70 years

Ruth Hibbs and Robert Seute now live across the hall from each other at a College Station...
Ruth Hibbs and Robert Seute now live across the hall from each other at a College Station senior living community.(KBTX's Caleb Britt)
Published: Dec. 25, 2021 at 9:37 PM EST
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Ruth Hibbs and Robert Seute grew up on Kansas farmland and cherish the memories. One of Hibbs’ favorite memories is playing with Seute and using their creativity to make their own toys. Hibbs said they would also play a game called “handy” over in school. Seute said one of his favorite memories was walking to school because “their feet were their school bus.”

Hibbs, 96, and Seute, 101, lived in different states for over 70 years. Hibbs moved to Texas with her family in the 1950′s and Seute stayed behind in Kansas. The two still remained close, and Hibbs would make trips back to Kansas.

“Ruth and I, it was just the two of us,” Seute said. “We was always very close to each other.”

Hibbs persuaded Seute to move to College Station this year, and the two now live across the hall from each other at The Langford, a College Station senior living community. They’ve enjoyed living in the same space and sharing their favorite Christmas memories.

“We’d have to go out a lot of times into the pasture and cut our own Christmas tree cause there was hardly no money back then, but we didn’t know the difference,” Hibbs said. “We were happy.”

Sarah Molloy, Hibbs’ granddaughter, is happy to see her grandmother and uncle make new memories as this will be Hibbs’ first Christmas without her late husband.

“Now, you laugh and smile every day, you do, and I see her and on the phone I can hear the happiness in her voice,” Molloy said.

Molloy loves seeing the happiness the siblings have brought to each other during the holiday season and looks forward to seeing more of it for years to come.

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